A little about us

This is a little weird, because I’m used to blogging for friends and family.  But over here at wordpress I am pretty sure that most of you have no idea who we are.  Well that is the reason we are here, but I feel like I can’t ramble on about dr appts and treatments and school unless you know a little about us.

So here it is.  I got married over 8 years ago to a career air force man.  We met online and got married shortly after.  He was stationed in Idaho when we met, but 3 days after we said “I do” we got orders to Guam and were there 4 months later.  We stayed a year and then he switched jobs to Recruiting and we moved to Massachusetts.  The job sucked but we loved MA.  I went to school for a year at UMASS Amherst but maxed out on the number of credits I could transfer and knew that we wouldn’t be there long enough to finish.  So we switched game plans and got pregnant.  On the 1st try.  That’s right, we are poster children for “It only takes once.”  When J was 18 months old we moved to Las Vegas NV.  I was also about 5 months preggo with Little J.  Little J came 11 days after J’s 2nd Birthday.

By the time J was 2.5 years he was repeating chunks of TV dialogue ad nauseum.  We just though that he was precocious and had a great memory.  He was still addicted to his pacifier and not even close to potty training but he had a great vocabulary.   Potty training happened by about 3.5 (except at night) as did paci weaning.  We also found out at that time that DH was going to be changing jobs and had to go to 8 months of school in Mississippi.  We decided to go live near him (2 hours away) for 6 of those months.  It was during that time that we were convinced J was at the very least ADHD, but I was worried about him being misdiagnosed so I was planning to wait until he was 5.  Then on our trip back from MS we stopped at a longtime friend’s house for the night.  She emailed me a few weeks later and mentioned some of the oddities she noticed in J.  Things we thought were just stress from moving and being 4.  She sent me a few links about Asperger’s and after reading those I was convinced he had that.

When I talked to our new pediatrician about it, he pretty much dismissed it and said possibly ADHD but that we should take him to a psychiatrist and to the school district for evaluations.  We found a psych that would see us in less than 8 months (yes that was an actual wait for one) but he was HORRIBLE.  We found another one that was wonderful.  In October J was diagnosed with autism combined with ADHD, sensory disorders, and severe separation anxiety. I was in shock at first because I had been convinced that is was asperger’s.  But according to the checklists he was using, J fits autism over asperger’s because he does not seek out relationships not just can’t maintain or is awkward with relationships.

So now we are doing the cocktail shuffle to find what will work best.  He is currently on Adderall XR and Risperdal.  so far the combo of doses since Wednesday seems to be helping.  He started school almost a month ago and riding the bus about 2 weeks ago.  All of those combined have already brought dramatic changes to our lives.

Okay I think that brings everyone up to date.

Tomorrow we begin this blog in the present.


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