It was meant to be

I have been meaning to tell you all about J’s obsessions.  Many of his latest obsessions have been clothing.  He’s been wearing the same Pajama shirt since August, the same pair of underwear for 6 weeks and the same 3-4 shirts for 2 months.  He was stuck on one shirt but I was able to broaden his horizons due to the weather.  Just this week I was able to slip in a look alike pair of underwear that I was previously unsuccessful with and get him to wear a similar pair with very little arguing.

But tonight was a major breakthrough. MAJOR.  Ever since the great swim lessons regression this summer he has been wearing this one certain set of pajamas.  That in itself is not terrible.  BUT these are size 3T and he wears a 5/6.  We said goodbye to them for about 2 weeks but the bedtime meltdowns got worse instead of better and since I had been the bad guy on this I let hubby offer up the shirt portion of the set since it fit okay.  He has been wearing it ever since.  My mom even commissioned from a friend some new PJs in his size, he absolutely refuse to wear them, didn’t even want to try them on.  I bought him some super hero and cars PJs, nope didn’t even want to talk about it (at one point he took all the new ones and hid them).  One night during the stand off I was so desperate that I emailed the boutique company that had made the originals (they were a big brother gift) and asked if they happened to have some of that fabric left or could tell me where to find some, I even spilled my guts about my son with autism who was melting down, I WAS DESPERATE.  They kindly emailed me back with pictures of similar prints but J was not interested.  After that I posted a pic of the pajamas on a national forum of over 700 moms to see if any of them had a pair or could look for the fabric.  One mom warmed my heart by telling me that she had printed the swatch and would be carrying it in her wallet to check out fabric stores.  No luck so far.

So we come to tonight.  My mom and I were out shopping and I saw PJs on sale so I stopped because they had dinosaur ones.  Little J had been asking for dino PJs in a different store the other day but they were all the wrong size.  So mom picked up a pair for Little J tonight, he wears a 3t and these were 4t, but what the hey, they were cute 3 piece dinosaur PJs.  then as we were on our way to a different section I saw boys size PJs on super sale.  They also had a dino pattern so we got them too hoping that J would like them enough to wear them.  When we got home I showed them to him and he enjoyed identifying the different dinos but said he didn’t want to wear them.  then he told my mom that they were disgusting so she said she was going to take them back.  At that moment he saw the pair we bought for Little J and started pointing and pouting.  At first we thought he wanted to put the other ones back but he finally verbalized that he wanted the other pair not bought for him.  I was so excited (but didn’t show it) that he was showing interest in a pair of PJs not labeled the “cowboy pajamas.”  So I decided to let him try them on, I mean if he’s wearing a 3t he can obviously wear a 4t.  So he tried on the shirt and it FIT and was even a little long.  Then he chose the shorts over the pants and put them on.  ALSO a fit.  And he wore them to bed without asking about the cowboy pajamas.  I am so happy!!!!  Yes I am happy about pajamas, but more than that I am happy about him accepting and welcoming change after the numerous meltdowns we’ve had.  So the pajamas bought for the other kid in the wrong size were just meant to be for J.

*sigh* 🙂

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