Pajamas for 2

Kind of a P.S. to last night.  J wore his new PJs all night.  this morning Little J asked to wear a dinosaur shirt.  Turns out after I went looking for his TREX shirt he was talking about the pajama shirt meant for J.  So I let him have it.  Rolled the sleeves up 3 times.  I think it will fall apart before he outgrows it. (size 6/7) for a 2 year old.

Our night fell apart around 6am when J woke up puking.  He’s been doing this off and on for almost a week.  Today it lasted much longer and was much worse than any other night/day.  He went to bed acting and feeling fine.  I’m not counting my chickens until 9am atleast (although he was fine on wed and thur.)

And as of now….I am queasy….Thanks J and the virus world.

2 comments on “Pajamas for 2

  1. I found the link to your blog on another blog I read.
    Hope J doesn’t have another night like that. And I’m very glad he’s wearing new jarmies 🙂

  2. hehehe pjs are great. It doesn’t really matter how extra big they are as long as they are comfy. My 2yo will sometimes wear a size 7 tshirt to bed (elmo). it only becomes an issue when he wants to wear it out of the house! LOL

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