Forgetful mommy

I had no idea that the dinosaur pajamas from a couple nights ago would totally replace the cowboy shirt.  I thought maybe we could alternate them so that I could do a little less laundry.  I was wrong.  I found this out because J threw up again last night, all over the new PJs and I didn’t wash them.  He wanted to wear them tonight and it was the end of the world when I wouldn’t let him.  I even offered up the cowboy shirt and was shot down.  That was a little underestimating.  The Forgetful part is that I did put his blankets that he NEEDS for sleeping in the wash but forgot to put them in the dryer until after we got home from shopping at 9:30pm.  So when I offered up other solutions he batted them out of my hand and kept inching towards the laundry area (for the PJs and the blankets.)  I told him I would bring him his stuff when it was dry.  He finally decided to take one of my old quilts, I billed it as one of mommy’s favorite blankets from when she was little.  Then I went to check the laundry and lo and behold his stuff was dry, extreemly hot, but dry.  So I rushed them in to him.  The mood he was in he would have waited up until they were ready. 

Happy thought: I got the boys to ham it up tonight with giant candy canes and santa hats for picture presents.  (We usually get some done as a family but we have run out of time and energy.)

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