Putting Survivor on Pause

Tonight was one of those nights where I was very grateful for DVR.  I recorded the Survivor finale and reunion.  I am a huge reality show freak, all except amazing race and most of the dating ones (I used to, but I’ve ‘outgrown’ them).  So I was watching my show and the boys were in their playroom playing and listening to Blue’s Clues in the background.

All of a sudden they came out and started singing “if you’re happy and you know it” with the tune from the “curious buddies” trailer at the begining of their DVD.  It was totally adorable but I didn’t pause Survivor because it is usually short lived. 

J used to sing for me all the time.  It was non stop singing and showboating and then it stopped (around the time of our first move this last year).  I’d request a song and he’d pout.  When we lived in MS for 6 months the only time I heard him sing was when Little J would cry at the dinner table and J would sing Little J’s favorite songs “Jesus Loves Me.”  Not because he was compassionate but because he couldn’t stand the noise of Little J’s outburst.

So back to tonight.  Part of the song was “nod your head” and the two of them were nodding like rock stars but in perfect unison.  So after they had sung it twice, I put Survivor on pause to give them all my attention.  It didn’t matter to J too much, he wanted to perform for himself, his reflection in the aquarium.  I realized it had been a long time since I’d gotten a floor show from the two of them so I grabbed my camera to use the video function and got it turned on.  J kept singing and Little J came and stuck his head up in the lense.  I managed to get about five 30-40 second videos of the two of them tonight.  Different songs, and one of J bossing/cajoling Little J to sing.  ADORABLE.  My memory filled up after 1-2 filmings so we’d download, watch it together, and then start over again.  There is an entire 30 seconds of him singing the words “I Like Bugs.”  He learned it on one of the few occasions he’s seen “Yo Gabba Gabba”  Quite possibly the most annoying show ever, but that is another post.  He’s actually been annoying us with this song when we were out and about this past week, singing it at the top of his lungs in the grocery store.  That wasn’t cute, but tonight it was. 

J was loving being a star and I was enjoying seeing him be him again and a little emotional too.

When I realized how long it had been since he had sung for me, I realized how far he’s regressed in a year and how much progress he’s made in a month.

3 comments on “Putting Survivor on Pause

  1. I am glad that they are making progress again…and glad to have found your blog. I figured that their was a reason behind your ID….now I know. It is wonderful that you made them feel so important.

    Did you watch the rest of Survivor yet? I watched tonight,too.

  2. Aren’t you glad you paused Survivor? SOmetimes I think it is too easy to miss the special little things the kids do. Our pace in todays world is too fast. Slowing down to watch your babies singing is great! Maybe I should turn the tv off tonight!

    So glad to hear that J is making some progress!

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