What we WILL be doing for Christmas…

I am going to share with you the follow up repost from yesterday “What we won’t be doing for Christmas.”  But before I get to that I gotta tell you about today.  I had to get a tooth pulled today due to it falling apart and shooting pain clear up to my eyeball.  When it came time to put Little J down for nap he wanted me to sing him his favorite song (part of our nap time routine.) But I could barely talk let alone sing.  I got J out of the living room and asked him to sing “Moon Moon Moon” by Laurie Berkner.  I was expecting him to say “no” because he was eating but he came in and sweetly belt out the notes and Little J went to sleep peacefully even though he had a stand in performer.

Now on to the follow up……

From December 5th

Well last night I was bummed, but I realized today that my kids don’t need to be introduced to Santa in person to enjoy him.  J has been watching Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (a.k.a. The Sneaky Grinch ~ J and The Spooky Witch ~ Little J) a LOT ever since I DVR’d it a week ago.  Last night we bought the Christmas Classics DVD set that included The Grinch so now he can watch it with our commercials.  Tonight we watched Twas The Night Before Christmas and Rudolph on DVR and he loved those as well.  Night Before Christmas is on the set we bought 🙂  So I can share my love of all things Christmas with him through a media he loves MOVIES.

UPDATED to add:  We’ve also been turning on the kids music channel on satellite and have been dancing to holiday favorites every couple of days.


6 comments on “What we WILL be doing for Christmas…

  1. Michele sent me to congratulate you on your choice of movies, The Grinch has always been one of my favorites. (most people would say that is because I am one!)

  2. Hey, why half your blog is kind of vacant?

    Wishing you laughter,love, joy and much peace for Christmas and coming New Year!

    Michele sent me here for the first time, I think!

  3. Thanks for coming by Via Michele…I’ve seen & heard Patti Lupone sing MEADOWLARK…! Fantastic!
    I have seen her Twice at The Hollywood Bowl and in London in “SUNSET BLVD”…She was awesome, beyond words!! Such a brilliantly talented woman!
    A Very Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Here from Michele’s to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Sorry about your tooth. I stopped singing my daughter to sleep fairly young–when she was 3 and I was holding her and singing a hymn in church, she whispered in my ear, “Daddy, you don’t sing very good.” I refrained from dropping her on her head. Enjoy the holidays.

  5. Oh, I love those classic 30 minute TV holiday specials! The ones you mentioned are all favs too. Music and tradition are such big parts of childhood memories. How wonderful to carry on that tradition. Michele agrees with me too 🙂

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