I promise

I promise that tomorrow I will sit and do our Christmas re-cap.  I am on the mend, but only if I take lots of drugs to keep the congestion at bay.

But I will leave you with a story from today.

J has been doing great lately going with the flow and we’ve seen very few meltdowns.  Most of them are short lived and mild compared to a few months ago.  So tonight he decided to get his plasma ball (you know the lightening looking balls that when you touch them the current follows your finger?) that he received for Christmas out of the box and styrofoam packing.  It had been repacked to make it home from the grandparent’s house.  I didn’t realize he was doing this, or I would have stopped him and done it myself.  His dad who could see him didn’t think to stop him!!!  So he got it out of the box and when he opened the styrofoam it crashed to the ground and shattered.  Crying ensued.  He came running to me in uncontrollable tears and was sad and angry all at the same time.  I had to send him to his room for his safety while I cleaned up the glass.  He was still crying.  Once I got it swept into a pile I went to comfort him.  (yeah where was his dad?  He felt that looking up a new ball on ebay was more important.  He is still having trouble connecting with J when things aren’t going along swimmingly)  So when the glass was clear and we said he could come out he started pummeling the couch and then sat in the middle of the floor and just cried and screamed.  I managed to get him up and to the hallway so that we could “Stomp our grumpies out” but this mostly entails me stomping and him watching, but he lightens up and usually ends up laughing.  Not tonight.  So we went in his room and he decided the best way to get ungrumpy was to start a pillow fight.  Shortly after Little J joined in and as they chased me out of the room I coulda sworn there was giggling.  Later after dinner I was looking up new plasma balls on ebay and he sat next to me to look too.  I didn’t mention that I was going to buy one, I was just looking.  He kept staring at them and asking “which one is my lightening ball?”  Turns out his dad had already purchased one.  So the crisis is over and happiness will be back tomorrow. 

The new plasma ball will be here in a week or so.  Glad we got another since he did proclaim it “my favorite present.”

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