Nap time Pheromones

yup that’s right, pheromones.  I think J has some strong nap time ones that lull me into a deep deep sleep.  He is my first born and when he was a baby, he would fall asleep nursing during the day and I would just lay us both down on the couch (it was extra wide) and fall asleep with him.  When he was about 10.5 months old he started napping in his toddler bed, and I stopped napping as often.  Then when we moved last fall from Nevada to Mississippi we spent a month in between at my parent’s house and the only way I could get him to nap was by laying down with him in my bed, again I started sleeping soundly with him.  While we were in MS he went through a 0 nap phase and then got back into the swing of things but more often than not it was in the living room with him on one couch and me on the other.  After we moved here to Arizona this summer his naps went out the window again. 

When we started some new meds in November he became nearly narcoleptic for about a week and then he went back to normal (which was 0).  We upped the same med in December and he started napping on a schedule and hasn’t turned back.  When we are at home he sleeps on one end of the couch and me on the other, our legs now overlap.  Sometimes I think “I’ll just sit here quietly until he goes to sleep and then I’ll get up and get something accomplished.”  Yeah, and then those darn pheromones kick in and we drift off near about the same time and sleep for a couple of hours or until Little J wakes us up.  Its crazy because just like when he was a baby I think about all the things I should be doing with those two hours and feeling a tad guilty.  But when we are in the moment it is the most perfect thing ever.  No matter how many battles we’ve had in the day or how many will arise in the night, for those 2 hours we are at peace with each-other.  He goes to sleep lovey dovey and wakes up snugly and I love it as much as I love him.  So for now, when he naps, I nap.  And even though it is near dark when we wake up in our world everything is a little brighter.

*I’ve always been a napper, but didn’t take many as an adult, at least not more than a power nap on long days.  So when we were going through nap strikes, I was sad.  I’ll be really sad when Little J stops napping eventually because he doesn’t understand the concept of quiet time like J does.

4 comments on “Nap time Pheromones

  1. Peace is a good thing 🙂

    Since our schedule is so messed from the holiday anyway, I decided it’s TIME for Alex to start sleeping in his crib at least for naps, and then I figured if he’s in it for naps, he might as well start out in it at night – Joke was on me though, I couldn’t sleep till he woke up and I got him in bed with us last night 🙂

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