The bugger police

Little J has had a nasty runny nose since last Friday.  We have been known to say sternly or even yell when he is actively ignoring us “Get over here so we can wipe your buggers!”  Sophisticated, I know.

Well about 2 days ago J started coming to me and saying “I think Little J has buggers, he needs to have it wiped.”  that was in the morning.  In the afternoon J came and said, “I need a tissue, Little J has buggers AGAIN!”  So I gave him a tissue.  I mean really if he wants to wipe his brother’s nose, who am I to stop him?  but he brought the tissue back and it was virtually clean, and so was Little J’s nose.  I was stumped.  that is until 15 minutes later when Little J came over and had slime in his hair.  Really I’m not sure how that was accomplished but it was gross and funny.  Since then we have heard several times a day the announcing of his little brother’s buggers (there have been a few more attempts at wiping the nose but Little J has started running away from him the same as he does from us).  Thank you, bugger police. What would we do with out you?

Oh and I really hope that this does not turn into the newest obsession, he is starting to outgrow some of his others and there is always a replacement.  Can you just imagine it?  Its cold season, we’re out and about and he points out other people’s buggers?  Well hopefully other people would not tolerate the amount of drainage that Little J does.


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