Two hours and forty-five minutes

This is how long it takes for J to ride the bus to school, have class, and then return home.  It doesn’t seem long, I know, but it works for us.  It is just long enough for Little J to have some alone time or one on one with mommy (his choice).  It is just long enough for me to not have to listen to the bickering, fighting, taunting, toy stealing.  Cause really, Little J only does it for his own amuesment and if there is no one around from whom he can get a rise, well then he is a near perfect angel. 

School started back today and already I am having a more peaceful day.  Of course, the bus will arrive in 10 minutes, but then Little J goes down for nap and the quiet continues.  J will probably need a nap too.  He skipped them two days this past weekend (on purpose to get him sleeping better at night) and he was ready to crash at about the time he would normally wake up from a nap.  So since he had a busy day going to school I will let him take a nap if he needs it.  Besides, I need it. 😉

3 comments on “Two hours and forty-five minutes

  1. Mommy needs a break sometimes, too! It’s wonderful you have a chance to get a little breathing room. Hope the sleep issues work themselves out soon…

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