A trip to the dentist.

So I blogged a couple months ago about trying to cure J’s tooth ache.  the Dentist wanted to do like 10 crowns and knock him out with IV sedation for a whopping $2500 (after insurance.)  there was no way we could afford that so we applied with the school district for their free dental program.  We were accepted just before Christmas and had our appointment yesterday.

The new dentist only wants to do 2 crowns and 2 fillings using oral sedation, laughing gas, and a papoose board.  Plus its free.  I’m happy with the more conservative approach.

the visit to the dentist wasn’t too bad.  We read our Usborne First Experiences “Going to the Dentist” book the night before and while he was in the chair I kept showing him the pictures to remind him of what was happening.  They examined him in the chair this time (the last dentist did a knee to knee exam with J in my lap leaning backwards.)  He tolerated the x-ray for his front teeth but kept spitting and thrashing when they tried the bite wings for the side teeth.  Don’t blame him one bit, they hurt me too.  For the exam the nurse held his hands and I held his legs and he cried, A LOT.  But I dressed him in a hoodie sweatshirt, so when they were done we pulled up the hood and that calmed him.  When the exam was over, we left the exam room to meet with the dentist in the office.  This was nice because it took him out of the stressful room.

So we go back next week for the actual work.

3 comments on “A trip to the dentist.

  1. Thanks for the advice on my situation with the sleeping boys! My Big Boy had to have oral surgery when he was 18 months old. It was absolutely horrible for all of us. I wish you a much much better experience than we have had with the dentist. It is easier as they get older I guess. They are able to understans what is going on. Sounds like this dentist is a good one!

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