Was that really necessary?

White Cloud, why do you torture me so? 

A hidden obsession in our house is the type of pull-ups worn by J.  We rarely think of it because we started buying them due to price and never stopped.  Except once a few months ago, DH bought the Huggies pull-ups (with Pixar Cars graphics) at the BX since Wal-Mart and White cloud were out of the way.  That is when we found out that J was obsessed with the Bugs Bunny graphic found on the White Cloud brand.  He had a meltdown for about 3 days over having to wear the Cars ones.  He only wears them to bed so a package lasts a long time and it wasn’t in the budget to go out and buy another one.  He settled down after a few days and was only mildly grumpy over having to wear them.  Well that taught us a lesson and we make a trip to Wal-Mart every month for the right ones. 

 Earlier today I was sticking things under the sink where we keep the pull-ups and noticed that the new bag I bought earlier in the week had a different picture.  They were trucks, not rabbits.  But the old bag was still under the sink so I figured we would cross that bridge when we got to it.  Tonight we get home from a friends house and I send J in to change.  Next thing I know he is yelling, “I want the ones with the rabbits!”  When I go to check on him it turns out that the old bag is empty (he doesn’t know to throw it away when he uses the last one.)  I tried to show him that the words were the same but the picture was different.  No go.  I tried to show him that he had a choice of monster trucks or construction trucks and that they were both really cool.  No go.  I tried to show him that he still had one Cars pull-up left.  Nope, no go.  He is very angry about the situation.  BUT I let him have the one that he wore at nap time and didn’t wet, so technically still clean.  I told him that he could wear the rabbit one tonight but tomorrow he will have to wear a truck one.  He agreed.  However, I’m leaning towards believing that he was only agreeing to the first part. 

I am expecting another bedtime battle tomorrow.  So why couldn’t they just leave well enough alone?  Did WB take back the rights to Bugs Bunny? Was it really necessary to update the pull-ups?  Who buys them for the pictures on the front anyway?  Well I mean, besides us.  GRRRRRRRR.

4 comments on “Was that really necessary?

  1. I guess the manufacturer/designer updated the design, maybe thinking little boys may prefer trucks to rabbits.

    It might be possible to get some old stock, if you write to the manufacturer and explain J’s needs. Or, this is a good chance to show J change happens – a tough lesson for anyone to learn, particularly someone with autism.

    Michele sent me to say hello for the first time, Kara.
    My experience with autism is limited, but I do understand the frustration from both sides.


  2. It is so frustrating when they change things like this. Our kids get so reliant on them being the exact same. We have had this problem with food packaging. It is a cute story though.

  3. Hello, Michele sent me to say you are not the only one who goes through that type situation…my 91-year-old mother is the same way if things get changed on her! And, it can be a nightmare. So, I truly understand!!!

  4. Wow.. my 13 yo daughter is the same way about change. So sorry you have to deal with it! Hopefully he will accept them without too much grief. Maybe they have some of the old ones at another walmart?

    btw… I checked out your MySpace archives… thanks!

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