A Brand New Day

For those of you following the pajamas/clothing/shoe/pull-up obsessions in our life here is an update.  I’m almost afraid to post it though…you never know what will happen, but just send some positive vibes our way after I tell you this.

Last night both the dinosaur PJs and Red cowboy shirt were in the dirty clothes hamper thanks to hubby who cleaned the house while the kids and I were out for the evening.  I was not in the mood to go hamper diving.  I have found that using dirty laundry as an excuse to try new clothes or clothes he doesn’t normally wear has about a 45% positive outcome.  so I gave it a shot.  J has a dresser drawer full of PJs that he won’t wear.  I pulled out a pair of blue plaid that my mom had a friend make for him.  I stretched the truth and told him he should try the Pajamas that Grandma made.  He was resistant but not grumpy.  So I got them out and showed them to him, all the while talking up the fact that Grandma made them.  The person who did make them put a cute yellow smiley face on the waist band to show the back and one on the chest.  So I was throwing in statements about how happy the Pajamas were to see him.  and then genius struck.  His Grandma made him a lap blanket a few years ago and it is also blue plaid (slightly different shade) so I told him his pajamas matched his blanket.  I wrestled him in to the PJs and got his blanket off his bed and he asked for me to tie it like a cape.  Of course I did.  I promised I would take his picture and send it to his Grandma. 


Okay so that was last night, new PJs.  The night before his dad was home with him for bedtime while I was out at mommy game night.  J doesn’t argue with his dad too much about clothing, so the wearing of the pull-ups wasn’t an issue.  All it took was one night of no issue and last night was good too.  New pullups AND new PJs, I thought we were on a pretty good roll for the week.

Being the sucker that I am, I decided to see how far I could push the desire for change.  This morning I used the full hamper as an excuse to say he had to wear black or blue batman and not red (all dirty, yes today is laundry day).  He put up a little fuss but I told him he couldn’t come out of the bathroom until he had underwear on.  This was extremely important because he wanted to watch Go Diego Go before school, and he can’t see the TV from the bathroom.  He missed half the show throwing his underwear out of the bathroom but eventually gave in and wore the black ones (always 2nd choice to the red).  He also asked for a shirt that is lost and wore one he hadn’t in a couple months. And here is the kicker…

new-shoes.jpgNEW shoes.  Brand new shoes!  We have had these shoes in our possession for over a month.  He has refused to wear them or even take them out of the box.  the night we bought them it was because he was refusing to wear the canvas low-tops saying they were too tight.  Really they aren’t but he doesn’t like his feet confined and only wants to wear sandals.   At this time of year it is hard to find sandals for sale, but I managed to find some hybrid shoes that are closed toe, but have sandal like qualities.  He has refused them over and over again.  when I show him the places that his current sandals are falling apart, he shows me where they are fine.  I opened the box again today and he still said no.  I showed him how cool the bungee cord tightening feature was, he said no.  I walked away and told him to just get some shoes on, any shoes.  A few minutes later he brought me the new shoes.  He was messing around with the bungee cord, but the shoes were still connected with the elastic cord and had the price tag on them.  I asked if he wanted to help cut them off and let him pick the color scissors to use and hold them, which he did correctly with out my help (thanks school!)  He helped cut them and then let me help put them on.  Then he got great pleasure out of pulling on the bungee cord to form a loop.  He was thinking about taking them off, but I was saved by the bus arrival. 

Clothes and shoes was not the only new occurrence in the past 24 hours.  We have several families that we see on a regular basis either for playgroup or for church.  In each group there are some 4 year old girls who are J’s arch Nemesis.  I mean I really think he has some kind of chemical reaction when it comes to 4 year old girls.  They just antagonize each-other.  And as I’ve written previously, they will start a game and he doesn’t know when to end it.  So both last night, and today, two different moms told me that their 4 year old daughters were looking forward to seeing J.  The one who asked today was told that only Little J would be at playgroup and she said “Well how am I suppose to play with J?”  AWWWW.  He has had fairly positive interactions with them in the past few weeks so they are starting to forget all the negative ones from before he was on medication and in school.  Just warms my heart that there are kids out there who consider him a friend now.

Its been an unusual 24 hours, but good.  I’d even venture to say it was great.

5 comments on “A Brand New Day

  1. That does sound like a lot of changes in a very short period of time. I never know exactly what will set M off in the changes area. It is good, I think to keep introducing little changes.

  2. Congrats on all the changes.

    BTW, my little boy wears Keen sandals pretty much year round, even if he has to wear socks in the winter. Being that is one of the two pairs he will wear, I don’t mind shelling out the $$ for them. (On the other hand, my little girl could wear a different pair every day and be just as happy!)

    Just catching up from when Michelle sent you to my blog on Friday! Happy Wednesday

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