2 Majors and A Minor

We’ve had 3 more victories this week. 

First the minor.  Yesterday I got some time to go shopping by myself which included Borders Bookstore and Wal-Mart.  At Wal-Mart I needed diapers which is next to the boys clothing.  I had previously seen some cute dinosaur pajamas but hadn’t bought them because when I showed them to J, he turned his nose up, literally.  Well they had these same PJs on sale so I bought them and figured if he really didn’t like them I could save them for Little J.  Its rare that he gets new clothes.  So when I got home I showed them to him and again he turned his nose up.  Bu I know deep down he liked them.  This kid has been a dinosaur expert for 2 years now and the PJs had T-rexs and pterodactyls and they were orange and green, his favorite colors.  So I pulled out the big guns that I normally save for when we are leaving a place that he doesn’t want to leave.  Reverse psychology.  Manipulation.  the “I don’t care if you don’t like it” attitude mixed with “I’d rather it be that way anyway.”  I said, “Oh goody, I’m glad you don’t like them because now I get to wear them.  I’ve always wanted dinosaur pajamas.”  That got him, he said, “No mommy, those are mine. I’m going to wear them!”  And he did.  If you are keeping count that makes 4 pairs of pajamas he will wear, 3 more than he would wear from August – mid December.

Last night Hubby and I went on a date.  A REALLY long one.  The kids stayed home with a new babysitter.  She’s 15 and has lots of experience with kids, her siblings and other people’s.  She even has a family that she has worked with and the 4 year old girl has autism.  She came highly recommended from a friend.  The kids had met her only one other time when she came over to meet us and stayed to play for about an hour that day, but I was right there with them.  We left yesterday to Little J taking a nap and J explaining his Backyardigans Click Start Game to Miss M.  He didn’t say goodbye, he never once asked to go with me, even when I told him ahead of time that Miss M was coming over he didn’t ask if I was staying home.  Those are all things that were completely unexpected.  She only called twice.  The first time was because J wanted to play with the Play-dough but was insisting that they couldn’t unless they had the “mat.”  She didn’t want to break any rules so she called to ask about the mat.  The mat is really just a fun glossy large notepad that has scenes for adding play-dough to.  It is not required, just a convenience.  The second time was a little after 8pm (we’d been gone 4 hours) and she wanted to know if she was suppose to put them to bed.  How considerate, but the kids don’t go to bed until after 10pm.  We came home to the kids yelling happily, “We made cake for you!” and “Happy Birthday!”  HUH??? turns out that not only is Miss M concerned about rules and schedules (all things I stressed as important to J) but she is completely engaged with them and creative to boot.  The cakes were made of play-dough and she had saved them in plastic wrap to show us.  They were amazing and the kids were so proud of them, we are talking a dinosaur head and a 3 tier cake with icing both complete with tiny candles.  Now I am suppose to live up to the cake making standard.  Before they were content with snakes!  They can’t wait for Miss M to come back.  And either she was lying or they liked her so much that they behaved impeccably.  So a big shout out to Friend S for giving me Miss M’s phone number.

Last victory was the dentist visit today.  I’ll keep it short.  They gave him his drink and he was loopy in the waiting room for an hour.  the dentist came out to get him personally and picked him up and started talking to him like they were old buddies.  45 minutes later he came back for me and said that J did great and that he could go home.  When I went into the the treatment room the nurses were with him and said he did well and he looked at me and said, “they made me cry.”  It was so sweet the way he said it though.  He was asleep in the car in seconds.  He woke up at home long enough to eat the pudding I had promised before we went to the dentist and then fell back asleep for a few hours.  He only cried once when the numbness wore off, I gave him IB prophine and he’s been fine since.  He even begged to go to bible class when I gave him the choice to stay home.  What a trooper.

Is it bad that I am waiting for the other shoe to drop?  Like all these good changes could equal a major regression coming?  I hope not because we were turned down by the Department of Developmental Disabilities for extra help outside of school.  But if he does regress we can go through the whole process again. UGH.

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