Mr. Bossy Pants

J gets imense pleasure from “reading” to his little brother.  Usually he recites the books that he has memorized like “Five Little Monkeys” and “Brown Bear Brown Bear”

Today he is reading him a Go Diego Go picture find book.  It is a story, but he’s not reading.  He’s just pointing to the picture guide and demanding, “Find the ______!”  Here is what J has learned from me reading/guiding the book with him.  When I used to ask him to “find the ______” he would point to the picture guide instead of finding the “hidden picture.”  Really this book is not difficult, there is nothing hidden, it is just regular pictures of a Diego Scene and then asks the kids to find about 8 things on the page.  So when he would point to the picture guide I would say “no, find it in the big picture.”  He is now having the same conversation with Little J.  but in a VERY bossy tone.

Little J just got fed up with it and walked away.  The whole time J was yelling, “Find the _____.  you need to find the ______ in the big picture.  Little J come back and find the ______”  Little J finally just turned around and said, “not right now, I’m eating.”  so J says, “well when you’re done eating you can come find it”  Little J’s response, “Maybe!”

While I was typing this J has asked him, “Are you done eating yet?”  Little J is now ignoring him.

4 comments on “Mr. Bossy Pants

  1. Isn’t it funny to see the way your kids pick up on things you do? My middlest points his finger at me and shakes it whenever he is mad. I kept wondering where he got it from until I caught myself doingt he exact same thing the other day! LOL

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