J Sees the Moon

Usually he points it out to me, but recently we have taken his car seat out and he is sitting in a regular seat-belt.  So he’s not seeing as much out the windows.  Here’s the conversation in the car tonight.

Me: J do you see the moon?  Its over there.

DH: (looking in rear-view) Out the other window.

J: Oh I see it.

Me: What shape is it tonight?  (He loves to tell me when it is a crescent, but tonight it is full.)

J: A jellyfish.

Me: A jelly fish?  Is a jellyfish shaped like a circle?

J: Yeah.

Me: So is the moon shaped like a circle?

J: Ummmm its shaped kinda like a jellyfish.

Uhhhhh okay.



OOOOOOOooooooo NOW I see it.

4 comments on “J Sees the Moon

  1. Yes! I see it too! Amazing. I love jelly fish. At our zoo they have a big collection of jelly fish. They are so beautiful to watch. They play classical music in the aquarium and it puts me in a trance watching them. Kids are so creative!

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