Alternate sleeping arrangements

J has gone through this before, but not in the exact place.  Every few months he can’t bear to sleep in his bed and finds another place to sleep.  Sometimes it is on the living room couch, other times it is on the sleeper sofa in the playroom, and most recently during the stomach bug it was on the futon in his bedroom.  (okay yeah we have a lot of couches, but the futon and sleeper sofa are for company.)  Tonight he decided after 45 minutes of not falling asleep to come into the hallway and announce that he was going to sleep on the floor.  There isn’t much floor space in their bedroom, what with the twin over full bunk, futon, dresser, plush tiger chair, and airplane chair.  I thought the logical place to sleep was the space between the bed and futon.  Nope.  His head is in the doorway at the end of the bed.  When he was still awake 20 minutes later I went in to ask if he’d rather sleep on the futon.  Nope, on the floor.  But Little J was still partially awake and he mumbled that he wanted to sleep on the futon.  So I got him tucked in, each of them not in their beds and they drifted off.  Usually something strange happens when J doesn’t want to sleep in his bed, so I guess we will see what happens tomorrow.  (He already said tonight that he didn’t want to go to school anymore, that it makes him sleepy and grumpy, I hope he doesn’t remember that when its time to get on the bus.)  I also hope Little J doesn’t walk all over him when he wakes up.

P.S.  I don’t believe him that school makes him grumpy.  Even on the days when he hesitates getting on the bus, his teachers say he gets off happy and does well in school.

2 comments on “Alternate sleeping arrangements

  1. I know all about musical beds. When M used to have a harder time sleeping she would sleep anywhere but her bed. It took us months to get her to sleep in her own bed.

    I hope he gets on the bus fine for you!

    Just e mail me and I can give you access to M’s blog.

  2. Hope he gets to school ok without to many problems next week…. I know about sleep issues! I have had a horrible time getting the middlest to actually sleep IN HIS BED and STAY THERE! Not the couch, not the floor, not under his brothers crib, not with us…. IN HIS BED! LOL… no fun.

    Is this a typical autistic reaction or is it just J? I am just wondering. I don’t know as much about autistic behaviors as I would like to. I still think B has some sensory issues, even though the specialist up in Jackson says he doesn’t. How can they play with a kid for 2 hours and do a good eval? Sorry! Enough ranting! Great to read another post from you…

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