7 Things

I’ve been tagged by Marla Baltes to list 7 true, interesting, or weird things about me.  I’m suspecting that I wasn’t her first choice, but since I didn’t see her original post I will just have to believed that I am loved and will complete this.

that leads me to #1 I have an obsession with numbers and this causes me to check my blog stats multiple times a day.  I love the graph that wordpress provides, it makes me immensely happy to see the peaks.  Now I’d be happier if there were as many comments as visits, but I can’t fault ya’ll, cause I don’t comment on every blog I visit.  But if you were waiting for permission to comment on a stranger’s blog, I hereby grant it.

#2 I love theater.  REALLY love it.  In highschool I participated in over a dozen plays.  I only acted in one of those.  the rest I did some kind of production crew, which is what I prefer.  I also wrote and directed a children’s play for the community theater.

#3 I began college as a Biology/ pre-vet major.  In light of #2, I’m not really sure why I did this.  Not only did I choose the major I had been dreaming of since 4th grade, because it was safer than theater, but I also went very far out of state and paid way too much.

#4 If I hadn’t gone out of state to go to college, I would have known plenty of people and never posted an internet ad looking for friends.  this ad is how I met my husband.  We met online, met in person 2 weeks later, were engaged a week after that and married 2 days short of knowing each other 3 months (from the 1st online chat, which lasted 5 hours.)

#5 We’ve been married 8.5 years and have lived in Idaho, Guam, Massachusetts, Nevada, Mississippi, and Arizona. 2 different houses in 2 of those states = 8 houses in 8.5 years.  Lots O’ Moving.

#6 I only went a year for the biology major.  then I got married.  In Massachusetts I went to UMASS – Amherst as a theater major, for a year.  (side note: this is Bill Cosby’s Alma matter) Then we decided to have kids.  Now my whole life is one big play to direct.  Well J does a lot of the directing, we have a lot of “scripts” to follow.

#7 I love animals.  ALOT.  Right now we only have one dog, one rabbit, and a 30-gallon fish tank with fish.  I tease my hubby all the time that I’d like to have a small farm.  I’d settle for an alpaca farm.  Well, maybe.  But I would like to live in a country esque place with lots of assorted animals.  Nothing smaller than a rabbit or larger than a horse.  However, this farm has to be with in a short distance of a major city, with theaters!

Okay I do not have 7 bloggy friends, I just stalk people.  And of the majority of the ones I do have, I’ve already seen this on their page.  So you are all off the hook.

10 comments on “7 Things

  1. I loved reading this. It makes me want to know you better and read your blog more often!!! I love the story of how you and your husband met–and the fact that you are still together after all those moves!

    Good job, and thanks for sharing.

  2. I am visiting and commenting! I am the same way with the stat counter. I check it numerous times during the day and I love to see the whole month in a beautiful graph. I especially love to see what people have googled to get them to my site, that is one of the small joys of my day!

  3. Interesting post. As you probably noticed I am a new reader/commenter. Saw your link on another blog and came to check it out. In case you are wondering, I’m Joy and have an almost 4 year old boy with autism 🙂

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