Using My Blog for Good

I have another blog post that I started, but I wanted to put this out there for everyone.  Using all of my bloggy power including the almighty myspace I am posting this like crazy, because its important.

Obviously if you read this blog regularly you know that J has Autism.  If you are new, welcome.  We are a military family and so we have pretty good insurance which has not turned us down for any therapy that we have requested, yet.  Because J has recently been diagnosed and is high functioning and progressing rapidly with school, their therepists, and medications we have only just recently asked and been approved for occupational therapy.  But this is not the case for most families in AZ.  Since this is not my platform to speak on, although I can support it just the same as you, I want to share with you a letter from my friend.

From M:

Okay I am really asking for all of your help on this one… you don’t have to be anywhere and it will take 5 min of your time. There is a bill being proposed as we speak that will force insurance companies in AZ to cover therapies for Autism. Therapies such as Speech, Occupational, Physical and ABA (behavioral). Without insurance companies covering these therapies most parents including myself will not be able to provide our children with even one of these therapies. (We need them all!) The state will only cover them until age 3 and only 4 hrs a week at that. INSURANCE that we pay for should do so. What I need from you:

Go to this site to find your region:


Go to this site to find who your representatives are:…

Send them an email asking them to PLEASE support the Autism insurance legislation. Here I will even give you an email to copy and paste if you need:


I am one of your constituents. I am contacting you to ask for your support on the upcoming Autism insurance legislation. My friend/loved one is being discriminated against because they have Autism. Please tell me I have your vote!

Thank you,


Feel free to call and put them on the spot as well.

I would appreciate it if you could send this to all your friends and Fam in AZ as well…. I am seriously at my wits end and about to move to a State where insurance DOES cover Autism if this bill doesn’t pass!


If you live in Arizona, please take a few minutes to write your legislator.  You CAN make a difference.  If you know someone in AZ, send this on.  We all Thank You.

5 comments on “Using My Blog for Good

  1. At one time I used to work for Autistic children. Even now I volunterr to do it at times. They truly are special children living in a world of their own.

    Michele sent me you way. I am very glad that she did.

  2. Not being a constituent in AZ my voice probably won’t make a difference… but I wish it would! I wonder what MS covers? Thanks for making us all aware of this issue!

    BTW, thanks for entering my contest! I had a blast. Too bad you didn’t win but I had to be fair! LOL

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