Can they read?

Just a short vent:

As nice as my insurance is, they are stupid.  There have been many times that the phone numbers listed for Dr.s on their providers list have been incorrect.  In December when I called a dentist from the list, I got an appointment and showed up at the address listed.  It turns out that the dentist office I called had not been at that building in over a year, but a new dentist had bought the place.  How confusing is that?  I had to drive across town to the correct address to keep my appointment.

Once when I called the number on my referral letter for an ophthalmologist, I had to call 4 different places to get the right number.  the original number listed was to the main office at the hospital.  they gave me the number to her research office located in the hospital.  they gave me the number to her medical office.  they gave me the number to her clinic.  FRUSTRATING!

When I was looking for a psychiatrist for J, I looked in the obvious place “Psychiatry, Child”  There were like 4 listed.  One wasn’t taking new patients, one we couldn’t pronounce and 2 were in the same location.  so I called that one.  the office was crappy and the Dr. was horrible.  Later when I was talking to a friend and she was telling me about her new wonderful psych, I looked under “Psychiatry”  there starring me in the face was a Dr. with the specialty of “psychiatry, pediatrics”  now why wasn’t he listed in the child section????  He is wonderful by the way.

This week we received the letter approving J for occupational therapy, for sensory integration.  I decided to look the Dr. assigned to us up before calling for an appointment.  when I googled the name I got all kinds of articles about her extensive work in hand therapy and rehab.  So I called the office just to check and yup, she only works in orthopedics with hand surgeries etc.  When I called up the online provider list of occupational therapists, what do I find?  She is the first name listed as closest to my house.  So now I have had to trudge through the list and google them all to see if anyone seems like they could be useful.  I called one that was listed as part of a children’s clinic rehab, but they give preference to kids with medical diagnosis and Autism is not on the list.  The waiting list sounded endless.  So I asked if they knew of anyone who might be able to help me.  She was kind enough to give me some facilities and names.  I found one that is promising but I can’t find it on my provider list.  This isn’t the end though because it is a branch of a facility that IS on the list, so I am hoping.  Their website listed everything we are looking for, and it had an email address.  I tried an email first since talking on the phone proves challenging with a 2 year old at home.

Holding my breath now that if he is eligible the wait list won’t be too atrocious.

3 comments on “Can they read?

  1. That sounds like a nightmare!! How can professionals be that disorganized? Crazy! Good luck on your search, you sound persistent!

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