An independent morning

I have to start this with a disclaimer.  I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.  I don’t think the sun should be up until 9am.  Right now our bedroom is extra dark because hubby has been alternating between days and mids (11pm -7am) shifts so he often has to get a good night’s sleep in the middle of the day.

On a normal day Little J wakes me up between 6:30 and 7am wanting a banana.  this has been going on for so long that I now keep one on my bedside table.  Most of the time he crawls into my bed and eats it and then goes back to sleep for an hour or so.  When he is awake for good he goes to the fridge and gets a piece of cheese or a yogurt and eats.  He is usually in and out of my room every 15-20 minutes talking or asking for something so even though I am in bed I can’t sleep. 

J usually wakes up between 8:00-9am and sits on the couch watching TV until he is too hungry and comes and asks for breakfast.

I am generally on my feet by 8:30am at the latest (usually earlier, but not this week) so I often beat J out of bed.

Today he was up before me and before Little J had gotten out of my bed.  He came and asked for some fruit so I told him he could have 20 grapes from the fridge.  (when I was a kid, my mom would tell us the same thing, but I’d always pop a few in my mouth before counting.  J is so literal that I am pretty sure he got exactly 20)  Then he played in the hallway right outside my door.  He got a little noisy so I asked him to shut my door, and he did.  When Little J woke up hungry, I asked J to get him 20 grapes also.  He did so very kindly.  then he came back and told me that Little J was sharing his grapes with him and that it was very nice.  A few minutes later, Little J was in the playroom asking for the movie that was looping on the title menu.  I yelled for J and asked him to push play.  Again he was in a very helpful mood.

I finally got up at 8:55 when J started begging for eggs.  Normally I’d not fix eggs on a weekday, but He was so helpful this morning, with a really positive attitude.  They were loving towards eachother.  Too bad it didn’t last past 9am.  That’s when the teasing, taunting and stealing began.  But at least I was well rested so I could deal with it.

I don’t usually stay in bed when both of them are awake because trouble brews, so today was a treat.  J being independent was a blessing.

7 comments on “An independent morning

  1. Ahhh…. sweet sleep. The Boy has recently taken to getting up in the morning and turning the tv on and hanging out for a while before he wakes me up. I’m lovin’ it. He will come and wake me up when he gets hungry or thirsty… or if he hears his brother wake up. Even that extra half an hour is a big deal! I am not a morning person, either…

  2. Glad you got some extra sleep in. My husband commented that I looked like a prizefighter when I got up this morning because I couldn’t keep my eyes open I was so tired. I made it through the morning and feel pretty good now. I swear I could nap everyday. I have to get up by 7:30 to start getting the kids out the door for school. A little extra sleep is always nice!

  3. I cracked up picturing him counting the 20 grapes. Maizie would do the same! I too hate getting up in the morning. It would not be so bad if I did not stay up so late. But, when M requires so much attention I like my alone time in the evening. I always regret it in the morning though when it is time to get up. Ugh.

  4. I linked to your page from whitteronautism and I’m so glad I did! I love this post, I’ve been feeling guilty for letting my guys get up before me in the AM, as I too am NOT a morning person. All of your posts are great, you remind me of myself (with all of your lengthy background explanations and details, I love it!). I’m a serial “lurker”, but I will definitely be adding you to my favorites!

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