Well we tried

Against my instinct I took J to the movies last night.  He has been wanting to see The Water Horse since the first trailer aired in early December.  Honestly, so have I.  We haven’t taken J to the movies in well over a year.  The last time we went we just thought he was too hyper, when in reality he was too over stimulated.  One of the biggest problems is the surround sound.  It is just too loud for him.  So I had planned to rent it as soon as it came to video.  I didn’t want to risk going to the theater, paying “big bucks” only to have to leave part way through.  Yesterday afternoon hubby called to see if I wanted to take J to the movie theater on base b/c it was playing for one night only.  I decided it was worth a try only because that theater is cheap, and J is free. 

I’m still not sure if it was worth even the cheap price.  With in 10 minutes he was asking to come home.  The sounds were just too much for him.  Every time the “water horse” made a sound, whether it was the baby squeaking/ squealing or the adult roaring he covered his ears and repeated over and over “Too loud.”  Every time the canons/guns were shot, he covered his ears with his hands and mine and said “I wish to go home, I really wish to go home.”  I kept coaxing him to stick it out to the end, I think I was only successful because in between the noisy parts there were some really great and captivating shots of the water horse that would make him forget for a few minutes that it was too loud.  I feel a little guilty for selfishly making him stay.  On the other hand I am proud of him for not going into total melt down mode.

When we got home hubby asked him if he liked the movie.  He said “no, it was too loud.”  So I think we will still rent it, and watch it at home, at a normal sound level.  He might just like it.

Oh and I guess we will be skipping the Veggie Tales Movie playing on base next week.


7 comments on “Well we tried

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  2. The noise is always the problem for us too. We don’t go very often but we always go at unpopular times when hopefully it’s relatively empty.

    In the meantime with practice ‘movie going’ at home….maybe one day soon.
    Best wishes

  3. I am so glad that you keep trying. I think when they manage to make it through a full movie they will remember that as something to be proud of. We always go overboard praising M for sitting through a movie.

    I am curious what you thought of the movie? I hope you enjoyed it, even though it is stressful helping your kiddo through the movie. It takes lots of practice. We have wasted lots of money on movies, having to walk out early on. Now, M does much better. But…it took a long time to get to that point.

    Congrats on making it through the movie!!!!!!!!!

  4. The first movie we took Little miss to was an IMAX film. It was about coral reefs, which she loves. But I never really considered the overwhelming nature of it. She sat next to me, holding my hand, that she’d put over her eyes when it was too loud (yeah, I know it’s weird!) but she stuck it out. And we’ve never had a problem since. 🙂

  5. We tread lightly in the movie theater. I tend to respect my son’s wishes when he tells me he doesn’t want to go–as a result, we’ve seen exactly two movies, Curious George and Cars. He was bored during Curious George (but likes to watch the rental, go figure?) and Car, which he loves.

    You’re right, it’s pricey. Loud. Hard. But you are also right to keep trying…

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