Thanks Ya’ll

Apparently guilt brings you all out of the woodwork 😉

I really do appreciate all the encouragement and suggestions.  Comment love + double stuff oreos + sunshine + friends does a girl some good.

On a happy note, today we went to the park today for a little Valentine party with our play group.  It turned out to be 3 moms and 6 boys.  5 of them were between 2 and almost 5.  We let hem decorate “mail boxes” and then deliver valentines to each other.  There was cupcakes and juice.  but best of all there was lots of running around, tree climbing, rock climbing, sliding and laughter.  Here in AZ the sun was shining and it was around 75 degrees.

The boys played amazingly well together.  At one point there was a cute pretend game of pirates going on.  It started when J decided the tree branch he was standing on was a ship.  Then they started singing “What do you do with a scurvy Pirate” from Backyardigans.  From there they started in with the song “treasure, treasure where’s my treasure.”  Yeah it was kind of like a little nick jr musical in the desert trees (which are more like tall bushes.)  Next thing we know the kids are taking turns swiping “treasure” from eachother’s hands.  Turns out it was imaginary.  So at any given point in the game multiple kids were calling out “I’ve got it, you can’t catch me.”  And the race was on.  At the end when we were ready to go, J was chasing down another 4 year old to get his treasure and I could see that N was starting to get aggravated.  I yelled out “Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping” (from Dora the Explorer) and J stopped dead in his tracks and did the finger snap and “Oh Man.”  N though this was the most magical thing ever and they spent the last 5 minutes with J only covering 1/2 the distance before his friend stopped him in his tracks with the Swiper words.  It gave us moms a chance to clean up with out having to break up a fight over imaginary treasure.  It was a really great afternoon. 

Most of the time when I plan playgroups, I do so while J is in school.  I try and plan one a month that he can attend.  I think there may be more in our future.  Most importantly, they played so well with each other, that us moms got to talk amongst ourselves, a rarity. 🙂


6 comments on “Thanks Ya’ll

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  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Kara. Even more so then you taking the time to write me, is the testimony of your own journaling and trials you’re overcoming with the J’s. Thanks for lettign me still be informed on your life, I pray each day brings you more and more strength. Love and miss ya!

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