Taking a vacation

Here in Tucson, the schools skip President’s day Holiday in favor of Wed-Fri off for the Rodeo.  Since going to the Rodeo would prove far too challenging for J (sights, smells, unfamiliarity) we will be going to grandma and grandpa’s house instead.  My parents only live about 85 miles north of us.  They have a great house where we are always welcome.  There is a lot more room there inside and out so the kids get a chance to spread out from each other and me.  There are also extra adult hands to help get snacks, eyes to help read books, and arms for lots of hugging and snuggling.  The boys are usually on some of their best behavior when we go there and it is a nice retreat.

This time around I will be hosting some moms in my parent’s loft for a movie night.  I’ll let you know how it goes, but no matter what, Girl time is always great.

On another note with no segue what so ever….

J has been suffering from random unexplained headaches.  I guess technically it started about 1.5 weeks ago when he had a 24 hour stomach bug.  So I thought they were connected.  However, since early Monday morning he has had several more with no other symptoms.  they come on suddenly and are pretty severe.  So severe that they are waking him up.  He goes from feeling fine one minute to crying.  We left the house today to go to a movie with friends.  Veggie Tales was playing at a theater that has $1 movies on Tuesdays.  I figured if we had to leave suddenly it wouldn’t be a big loss.  I checked with him all day before and after school to see how he was feeling and every-time he said “fine.”  We were about 3 minutes from home when he said his head hurt.  By the time we got into the store on the way to the movie he looked ill and by the time we checked out he had his face buried in my back and was crying.  The poor cashier said her heart was breaking.  I gave him some pain reliever in the car and when we got into the movie he was already starting to feel better.  Although he was feeling better, he still decided to leave before the movie was over.  I think he only wanted to leave because he was bored and not because it was too loud.  He never once covered his ears, but he also didn’t seem to be picking up on the humor.  We had Little J with us, so once J started asking to leave so did he.  We made it through a whole hour though.  At the super cheap prices and uncrowded atmosphere we will go back once or twice a month on Tuesdays.  As for the headaches, I got J an appointment with his primary care on Monday.  Until then I think I will keep a log of when and how many headaches he has.

10 comments on “Taking a vacation

  1. Definitely see the doctor about the headaches. I’m wondering if maybe he’s’ dehydrated due to the stomach bug? Maybe his blood sugar is out of whack after being sick? Just brainstorming…

    Have a safe/enjoyable trip…

  2. Oh, keep us posted on the headaches and yes, to the doctor, immediately. I’ll be keeping good thoughts for the little guy and for you. Enjoy the family break, there’s nothing like going home for a little TLC.

  3. Sounds like that trip to the doctor is in order for sure. I hope they figure out whats going on and can help him. Good luck at the appointment.

  4. Glad you are seeing a doctor about the headaches. I am reading a book on child migraines right now since Maizie’s diagnosis. So many different types, I had no idea.

  5. Isn’t that $1.00 Tuesday great! Tom and I have taken advantage of it a couple of times, but even when it’s not Tuesday,Senior prices are only $2.75.
    Have fun at your mom and dad’s and say Hi to Pat and Miles for us.
    Check out those headaches.

  6. You are a winner! Yay! The chocolate won’t help with J’s headache but it might help with yours…..! I need to get your addy and will send out yummy goodness!

  7. Keeping a headache log is a fantastic idea.

    My oldest suffers from migraines, and the headache log was one of the most important pieces in solving the puzzle and getting treatment. Note things that you may think don’t even matter: time of day, amount of sleep, foods eaten, weather, activity level.

    Also where the headache “hurts” and if things like light or sound seem to make it worse.

    I hope you get it figured out. I always feel so bad for my kiddos when they have headaches.

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