A little something for you

I had this email forwarded to me.  Who doesn’t like something free? and musical to boot.  not to mention educational.

For children with special needs:

The Come Children Sing Institute is offering free gift certificates for Come Children, Sing! Online Music Classes for infants, babies and toddlers with special needs.  The $35 gift certificate will provide one 10-week Online Music Class.  Request a free gift certificate for your child by sending an email to
mepinzino@comechildrensing.com.  Mention this message and that
you have a child with special needs. Your gift certificate will
be sent via email and you can start the Online Music Class at
any time.

Come Children, Sing! is a developmental music program that
makes learning music as natural as learning language.  You can
now engage with your little one in music classes online, in
your own home and on your own schedule, whatever your musical
background, and whatever the developmental level of your
child.  MP3 files, music activities, and parent tips are all
provided online, and you can make Come Children, Sing! portable
with an iPod or CD.

For further information and to view free sample lessons of Come
Children, Sing! Online Music Classes for infants, babies and
toddlers, go to www.comechildrensing.com.

Mary Ellen Pinzino, Director
Come Children Sing Institute
P.O. Box 1202
Homewood, IL 60430
Tel: 708/957-SING!
Fax: 708/957-7464


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