The birthday boy

Saturday March 1st was J’s 5th b-day.  It is hard to believe that I am mom to a 5 year old.  If I was a super fab mom I would write a letter to him on my blog, but alas I am not.

If I did however, I would tell him that this year has been really hard on all of us.  but no matter what happened I didn’t sell him to the gypsies.  We got some help, read some blogsbooks, took some meds and now things are much happier in our house.  Even on the worst days his smile and “I love you’s ” could brighten it in those few moments.

He did know that today was his b-day.  but he didn’t really get it.  The first few people who said happy birthday to him, he didn’t know how to respond.  so after a brief silence, he would tell them some tidbit from his day.  Halfway through I realized I needed to tell him the appropriate response is “thank you.”  He got it figured out by the end of the night.  Want to know what made the biggest impression on him today?  Was it the trip to the park to meet some new friends?  Or was it the outing to Denny’s for dinner?  Nope it was “birthday waffles.”  Yeah I know you are all wondering what is so special about waffles.  Well since we have been weaning off of wheat, most of their favorite breakfast foods were off the menu.  Little J especially has been craving waffles.  So I bought some wheat free ones yesterday and this morning they were in love with them.  🙂  Nice to know it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

He didn’t really get the whole “be excited about your birthday” because there was no party.  since Little J turns 3 on the 11th, they are sharing parties next week.  yes I did type parties.  Next Saturday morning we are having a party at the zoo with a few friends.  Then in the evening we are meeting my cousin and her family at my parent’s house for a family b-day bash.  One of my cousin’s kids is a week older than J, then the boy’s, my mom, and cousin’s hubby all have March b-days.  I will be experimenting with wheat free cakes all week.  I bought a zoo animal cake mold, and all purpose GF flour.  But I couldn’t find xanthan gum at the store  I was at.  I didn’t realize how important it was until I got home and looked it up, so back to a new store tomorrow.  The family bash is getting some sort of jello jigglers cake concoction.  So all the fun is next week.

P.S. The new friends at the park are my two members of the new playgroup.  It was a wonderful outing and I really enjoyed getting to know the moms.  The kids did pretty well too.  I asked the moms to be my assisstant organizers and they accepted, they had been considering starting their own group before they saw mine.


5 comments on “The birthday boy

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Birthdays are always a challenge. M is obsessed with hers to the point of making herself ill. She practically plans her own party while we grew up never having birthday parties, just small family get togethers. M has it in her head though that a birthday means big party. Very interesting considering her social struggles.

    The waffles sounds great. Sounds like you have a wonderful new tradition. How is the diet going? We too are doing it all gradual. I have to stay balanced with this and not obsessed or I will go wacky.

    Happy Birthday J!

  3. Happy Birthday J!

    Rachel is 9 and still isn’t quite sure what to say when people tell her Happy Birthday. For the longest time she would say it right back. It was too cute!

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