Don’t Lick the batter!

I made my first foray into wheat free baking tonight.  I didn’t get the xanthan gum yet but I talked to a friend who has gone GF before and she said I didn’t need it for cakes as long as there was plenty of eggs.  So I just substituted GF all purpose flour, added an extra egg, and used part brown sugar in place of white (all the recipes I saw had both kinds) into my fruit cocktail cake.  The batter looked kinda funny but I figured if it was screwed up I still had time in the morning to pick up fresh ingredients and could start over before school time.  I decided to lick my finger and I almost puked.  The aftertaste was so disgusting that I almost just dumped it down the drain and skipped the oven.  I decided I’d follow through and make one batch of cupcakes but save my pretty gold foil cups in case the first batch tasted as bad as the preview.  When they were done baking, they smelled normal.  I was pleasantly surprised by the end result.  They aren’t as sweet as the original recipe and they are a little extra spongy (the extra egg?) but they don’t taste gross.  They actually made a nice breakfast type muffin in my opinion.  And since there is fruit in them, they will pass the school’s healthy birthday food rules.  I dusted them with powdered sugar and sprayed half with green food coloring (J picked it out.)  I will be delivering them to the class tomorrow with no worries.

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