The good and bad news

Its all the same news.

Wheat free for 4 days has done its job for Little J.  His bowels look like that of a 3 year old now instead of a baby-food eating 8 month old.  So I guess we chalk that up to wheat intolerance.  WAHOOOO we have found the culprit.  BOOOO the culprit is wheat.  Potty training is back on track though so that is a nice bonus.  I’m not sure what is happening with J.  Since he is independent with toileting I can’t just run in and check his poop before he flushes on a regular basis.  Today I bit the bullet and cleaned out all the kid’s wheat containing foods from the pantry.  I will be passing these on to the mom who has 4 boys and passed on a ton of clothes to me at the beginning of the year.

The wheat free cupcakes were more like muffins, but they were a big hit today at J’s school.  Many of the kids asked for 2nds.  J came up to me after his 1st one and told me “Mommy that was good.”  After his second one “Mommy that was even more good.”  He has been talking about having cake at school for his birthday since last November when in his first 2 weeks of school the triplets had a big party in class.  The teachers made him a construction paper crown, and one for the other child who shares his birthday.  They even had candles for each boy and sang the birthday song twice.  It just showed me how much they really do believe what they told me in the beginning about treating each child as an individual.

It was so nice to see J in his school setting.  I’ve been a few times, but only at the end of the day where everything is pretty much free play.  Today I got to see their opening routines and other habits.  I now know that some of his behaviors at home are because of Little J home and not him.  He was an amazing child in the classroom.

6 comments on “The good and bad news

  1. Great news on the diet. I know what you mean, though. My hesitation in going GFCF has always been that it seems so daunting to eliminate those foods. If we really needed to do it, I would, but until then…well.

  2. So glad you are finding GF to be helpful to you. We went GFCFEF (gluten, caesin, and eggs) for over three years and finally stopped several months ago – we never saw any changes to behavior (or poop) before, during or after, so I can say it didn’t work for us. But – I hear it works for many others, so good for you for trying it (and even better that there is something you can sort of control :)). I highly recommend Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix – we found it was the best – even when using an egg substitute. Enjoy!

  3. Hooray for having an answer!

    As for being so great at school – it’s not uncommon for kiddos to be great at school and then save “it” all up for home. it was common for me to have students who lost it once they got home … drove the parents crazy, but it may well be showing that he feels safe at home and that’s where he can let it all hang out.

  4. We’ve never gone all the way with the diet but when I cut him back on dairy I noticed a significant change in his (sorry if this is TMI) poop. It was much more like it should be and not happening 8 times a day. Glad your diet changes are helping.

  5. Something I found and thought of you….

    Gluten Free, Dairy Free Waffles
    1 cup gluten free flour mix*

    1 tsp baking powder

    1 tsp sugar

    1 cup milk (can sub 1/2 cup apple juice & 1/2 cup water for milk)

    1 egg (can omit by increasing baking powder to 2 tsp & decreasing milk to 3/4 cup)

    1 tbsp vegetable oil

    2 tsp vanilla

    2 tbsp club soda

    Heat waffle iron. Mix flour, baking powder and sugar in bowl. Add milk gradually and stir to mix. Add egg, oil and vanilla. Beat or whisk until smooth. Add club soda. Whisk for one minute. Pour 1/2 cup batter into waffle iron. Cook according to manufacturers directions. Serve immediately with syrup, preserves, etc.

    Source: Special Foods for Special Kids

    *This is the gluten free flour mix that I use regularly and have experienced the best results with. I use it to replace regular flour cup for cup in any recipe. I make up a big batch of it and keep it in the fridge to have on hand when I need it.

    All Purpose GF Flour Mix

    1 cup brown rice flour

    1 1/4 cup white rice flour

    1/4 cup potato starch

    2/3 cup tapioca starch

    3/4 cup sweet rice flour

    1/3 cup cornstarch

    2 tsp xantham gum

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