The epic shoe story

I’ve written about our shoe battles here.  And I’m sad to say that it hadn’t gotten much better.  We compromised and 3 out of 4 school days he had to wear the grey “new” shoes.  As soon as school was over they went in the cubby and for all other outings the gross brown ones came out.  This was kind of okay with me only because he needs lots of help to get the grey ones on and no help for the brown ones. 

Last month I took him to WalMart’s shoe department and thought I could trick him into new shoes if Little J picked out a new pair of Spider-man ones.  I was the one who got tricked and had to buy a pair of completely unnecessary shoes. 

A week ago we were in Target getting stuff for the birthday cake and we took a detour to the shoe department.  This time I was not going to be swayed.  We WOULD leave with new shoes that he could put on himself, and didn’t STINK.  So of course he picks out shoes that only come in 5 sizes too small.  Then score of all scores I found some sandals nearly identical to the ones he is attached to!  This is not a guarantee, as I found out when I tried to replace his underwear last fall with look-a-likes, but it is helpful.  He didn’t like them when he tried them on, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t the shoes he didn’t like, but the elastic holding them together. 

After we put them in the cart, he was still browsing the racks and came across some plaid canvas slip ons.  We had gone hiking with my parents a few weeks ago and when the hike was over my mom talked to J about getting some new shoes so that he didn’t have to worry about the cactus touching his feet.  He tried them on and then did a weird spastic dance trying to get the elastic cord off and telling me they are too stretchy.  After many promises that we would cut it off at home he placed the box in the cart.

On the ride home I explained to him that we would need to throw his old shoes in the trash now that he had new ones.  When we got home he started to put them back in the cubby and I opened the trash can and “cleared me throat.”  He obliged and put them in.   He didn’t ask for them back but I didn’t press my luck either.  Hubby took the trash out when he got home so they wouldn’t be there to tempt him in the morning.


Here’s the kicker.  When it was time to get ready for school the next day he CHOSE to wear the canvas shoes “to protect his feet from cactus” instead of the look a likes.  Since then he has worn them pretty equally and we have left the grey ones in the cubby indefinitely.


Sorry if I lost you in the back stories, but it is those tangles that shape our present.


7 comments on “The epic shoe story

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  2. Shoes! Always a problem here. Changing to a new pair is always very tough for M. They never feel right to her and take lots of practice before she is truly willing to wear them without a battle.

  3. Glad you got it worked out so that everyone seems happy. We haven’t had any experiences with attachment to shoes or clothes so hopefully that won’t start up any time soon 🙂

  4. Spring has happened in our part of the world – but my guy still wants to wear winter boots. Seasonal transitions from boots to sneakers / from sneakers to sandals / then back to boots just stink! :o)

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