Not only for celebrities

You know when celebrities say, “I hope ‘brand x’ company sees me mentioning them on TV and sends me stuff.”  or to talk show host A, “They published a picture of me carrying ‘brand x’ out the door and I got all sorts of free stuff.” ?

Well I have joined the ranks of celebrities.  The brand of gluten free mixes I’ve been using and blogging about contacted me and wants to send me some new products to sample.  I am totally excited about this!  When I asked if I could get some coupons for my mom’s group the rep said she didn’t have any, but would send some products for them too.  How cool is that? 🙂

I’m testing the Wonderful Homemade bread recipe mix that I made a few weeks ago at my parent’s house in my new bread machine now.  It will actually take more time to make in the machine than by hand, but I’m happy with the less to clean up aspect.

 I also bought a brownie mix by another company today to try out.  I’ll give you updates tomorrow.


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