Stinky Bread Machine!

No really.

I was about to put the kids to bed when I realized it smelled like a fire in the kitchen.  Sort of like the smell we once had when something plastic fell through the silverware basket and touched the dishwasher coils.  That really icky burning smell.  Turns out the dough rose too high and spilled over, on the coils and was burning.  I opened a window and turned on the vent hood and let it keep baking.

It came out looking prettier than when I baked in the oven, it also has a better texture.  Hopefully the boys won’t notice the slightly burny taste on the outside.  I tried a slice.  Its pretty good, but I am so sensitive to burn taste/smell.  I can’t even eat a hot dog from the grill if it has back on it.  I always tell the grill master to “just warm it up.”  Good thing the boys aren’t so picky.  I guess we’ll go for a grilled cheese sandwhich that J has been begging for lately.  Mommy tip:  Cut the sandwhich into 4 triangles, line up 2 quarters with points touching and flat edges out.  Give it 2 baby carrot sticks in the middle and call it a Butterfly Sandwhich.  One sandwhich makes two small butterflies or one big one.  (can’t take credit for it, my mom did it with her home day care kids and it caught on with my own.)  J doesn’t even know that the rest of the world calls it “grilled cheese.” 

Oh forgot to tell you that J will be starting OT next week.  I think he is going to like it a lot.

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