1st Attempt

Well the kids have been begging for chicken nuggets for weeks now.  I haven’t gathered all the ingredients needed for making the recipe my friend gave me.  But tonight I got adventurous.  I decided to keep it simple.  Rice Flour, Almond Rice Crackers (ranch flavored), egg and milk mixture, and of course chicken.


I crushed a handful of the crackers and added the flour to a ziploc bag.

Cut the chicken and dipped it in the liquid.

Shook the chicken in the bag.

Fried in canola oil.


The verdict:  they didn’t hate them, but they also didn’t devour them.  then again I let them ruin dinner by having post-grocery shopping treats.  But J said he would eat them again.  and little J didn’t pitch an all out melt down when he asked for snacks and I offered him another nugget, thats high praise from that kid lately.

4 comments on “1st Attempt

  1. I used to make a fab ch-nug have lost the recipe the simple steps were:
    1.cut breast into appropriate size.
    3.dip in egg mix (seasoned with braggs and green peppercorns)
    4. roll in cornmeal
    5.place in parchment paper on baking sheet
    6.spritz with a mix of grapeseed oil and olive oil
    7.place in med hot oven till golden brown and crunchy.
    8.celebrate with organic ketchup and root beer.
    now I’m hungry. bye bye.
    My memory is that steaming them before baking them keeps them really really moist

  2. At least they ate them, hopefully they will get used to them so it’s something you can regularly make without anyone going hungry. That’s always a challenge around here!

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