Round 2

Turns out that the nuggets were really liked.  J was in the beginning of a stomach bug, and he never eats well the night before he is going to throw up.  He got up this morning at 6, got in bed with me and told me his tummy hurt.  He started hacking and I got him out as fast as possible.  When he got to the bathroom nothing really happened, bt he did have a fever.  I set him up on the couch with a big bowl and some cartoons.  Then it happened.  And as soon as it was out of his system, he was better and himself. 


Today we were all suppose to walk in a local autism walk as a family.  J and hubby stayed home while Little J and I walked.  J was kinda mad b/c I had told him last night that we were doing something special today.  When I left him this morning, I promised that if he didn’t throw up again, I’d take him somewhere fun tomorrow after church.  Here’s hoping Little J doesn’t get this quick bug.


So tonight I served up the left overs.  He asked for honey instead of ranch and I obliged.  We got some local honey last month to try and help desensitize us to desert allergies.  (It is some of the best honey I have EVER had.)  Well the nuggets and honey vanished in no time flat.  Little J ate some more of his too.  Another wheat free success.

6 comments on “Round 2

  1. My elder daughter brought home some local organic honey. I agree that it certainly knocked the socks off the commercial varieties.
    best wishes

  2. Adrian had a fever last night, it’s so terrible when they are sick. Glad your sickness there was short lived, ours appears to be over already too…yay! Congrats on the walk, awesome!

  3. Joe waited til Bill left this morning to have his illness. Lucky me what a mess. Guess that bug was from our house… sorry. At least it is short. Joe seems better already. Thank goodness.

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