Its a snap!

J has poor fine motor skills.  He can’t button or snap his blue jeans.  He can’t button polo shirts and has a hard time unbuttoning them too.  For those of you following our clothing obsessions, 2 of his new pajamas that were made for him by my mom’s friend have 4 snaps down the front of the shirt.  The first set that we got him to wear a few months ago frustrated him to the point where he won’t even try to snap them.  I introduced the 2nd snapping set yesterday.  He started out with the top snap.  After a few false starts, dropping one side or the other while trying to get it lined up, he snapped it together.  Awesome!  The second one was a breeze.  The third one gave him a hassle but he stuck with it, put a little extra muscle in it and got it together.  It wasn’t too long, well longer than most people would take, and he had all 4 snaps together.

I told him to give me a high 10 and lavished on the praises.  Really this is a big accomplishment, and we haven’t been doing anything to practice at home.  Maybe they are working on it at school.


This morning when he took the shirt off delicately ripping it open from top to bottom and tossing it on the floor, he got a big smile and the said “Give me a high 10 mommy!” 🙂


We can be proud of unsnapping too, I guess.


2 comments on “Its a snap!

  1. Awesome! M used to practice on one of J’s old shirts. She was determined and can now button. Zippers are still a challenge and tying shoes is on hold again. Self care skills are a lot of work!

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