Reciprocal Relationships

Today was a better day at school.  There was no hitting.  J went with strict instructions that if he hit anyone then he would lose computer time tonight (his current obsession.)  I picked him up from school today so that I could have some face time with his teachers.  We decided together that they will send home a simple chart in his folder each day.  A smiley sticker means a good day, no sticker is a bad day.  There will be separate column for hitting tally marks.  I will also continue to pick him up 1-2 times a week.  I plan to compare the behavior chart to our playdate/park date attendence calendar at the end of the month to see if there is any correlations.


Also today something happened just made me and hubby smile and hope.  Little J was telling daddy that he was going to go get ice cream after naptime (we go every 2nd and 4th Tuesday.  I had already told the boys that we would be going and then to the park, possibly with D’s kids)  Then J chimed in that he would get to play with N at the park after icecream.  “Daddy, I’m going to play with my friend N. He’s my BEST FRIEND!”  Daddy said, “That’s great that he is your best friend.  Now remember not to hit your best friends.”  And he didn’t.  They had a great time at the park, all 4 boys.  N and J do play together some, but they are also happy just hanging at the same place.  J has been asking to play with N ever since leaving his house on Thursday night.  And as soon as we left the park he was asking to go again.  Its really great that there is someone that he considers a friend, and that person likes him too.  Its also really really great that us moms like eachother too. 😉

We are making some big leaps this week, which could be the cause of some of the outbursts…hmmmmm.  The verdict is still out.

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