A 4 star day

Hubby took the boys to the park this morning.  I actually managed to make some headway in the kitchen, cleaning up that is.  My counters had been taken over, it was sad really.  But they came home early due to both of them being “naughty.”  So I didn’t get finished. 


J came home with a new chart in his folder.  It had 4 boxes in a row and 4 rows.  The boxes were labeled “no hitting,” “sat in circle,” “followed directions,” “chewed on stick.”  He had a red smiley star in each box. 🙂  I know “chewed on stick” is not something you would find on every child’s send home report, but it is important for us.  J has been going through a phase for about 2-3 months where he was chewing on his shirt, then it escalated to his shoes, and toys.  So his teachers have replaced all of those with some sort of nubby stick.  (Side track, we went to our 1st Occupational Therapy session yesterday and the OT wants to try some oral stimulation to try and help him get enough sensory input so that he doesn’t feel the need for chewing.  Next week he is going to send us home with some sort of vibrating mouth thing.  I’ll keep you updated.)  So his teachers followed through and he followed through and now we have a chart with 4 happy stars.  Hopefully there will be many more.


After he got home from school, hubby and I went to the movies and he stayed home with his favorite sitter Miss M.  It was technically nap/quiet time.  So I had her put Little J down for sleep and said that J could stay awake if he laid down and watched a movie.  I came home to happiness.  He got to have Miss M all to himself and a movie to boot.


Then after Little J woke up and we had something that resembled dinner, we went to Chuck E Cheese for some good family fun.  We had some great coupons and the boys each had an email for free b-day tokens not yet expired.  As a family we blew through about 150 tokens!  We had a nice night and no one got in any trouble.  they waited their turns, gave up games to people waiting in lines, climbed in the tunnels w/o pushing.  Basically they redeemed themselves for their behavior at the park in the morning.


I was tired yesterday, so here is the post I intended to write.  We were busy and there were no naps for me and J.  In the morning we were suppose to go to a kids yoga story circle but the teacher never showed up.  I took J by him self and left Little J at home with hubby since he was off.  I explained to Little J that he gets to do stuff with me all week on his own so it was J’s turn.  He was mad, but I left so I wasn’t the one who had to deal with it.  So after we waited about 20 minutes for the no-show teacher with some friends from our military mom’s group, we left and went to the children’s museum.  He stayed very busy and did well with all the extra kids there due to a field trip.  We got home with about an hour to eat and relax before leaving again.

We had Occupational Therapy in the afternoon, our first session since the evaluation.  J REALLY liked it.  Its like having an indoor play space all to yourself.  Our OT was pretty relaxed and did a lot of patient led activities.  I’m glad it went well because now he wants to go back and he won’t be anxious about it next time.  We got the perfect time slot because we don’t have school on Wednesdays and next year when he does have school, he will have early release EVERY Wednesday.  So as long as we can keep this spot, I will never have to worry about pulling him out of school for it.  Mr. S was very talented at implementing “skills” into every minute of the session, including pushing open the heavy door, setting up the game, opening and maneuvering the D-rings, etc.  This served two purposes.  1) J got use of every single minute.  2) He had to stay focused and not wander off because he was expected to stay engaged in the set up, process, and clean up of each activity,  I look forward to going back too.  It was fun just watching him.  (And it doesn’t hurt that our insurance covers it completely.  Much more relaxing knowing it isn’t coming out of pocket for this.)


3 comments on “A 4 star day

  1. I am pretty sure you are talking about Chewy Tubes. M has quite a few of them and they are great. You can buy them at Southpaw Enterprises. I am glad the school is communicating so well.

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