Must be Mondays

Last Monday I wrote about J having a bad time at school, and on Tuesday things were better.  We have repeated the pattern this week as well, but the weekends and routines were different from each other.  And last weekend he didn’t miss any medicine doses.  So it must just be Mondays.  Maybe more later.


What I really popped in to tell you was that the Bob’s Red Mill representative really came through.  I received my “sample” box yesterday and inside was 4 full size packages of 4 different mixes, for a total of 16 bags.  I plan on sharing the wealth with others in my mom’s groups who are doing restricted diets.  When I was exploring the Bob’s Red Mill site, I found a wonderful recipe resource.  Some of the recipes call for using the mixes to make them in to other things.  So for the mixes that I have already tried in their original form, I will be experimenting with the alternative recipes.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about baking before.


This weekend before my package arrived, I made the Arrowhead MillsGluten Free Brownies.  I followed the instructions and they taste great.  The kids were really happy to finally be allowed to have a dessert that wasn’t rice cakes or pudding.  The only thing I would do differently next time would be to put it in a smaller pan.  The recipe called for a 9×13, but they came out thinner than I like.

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