Rachel Ray, I am not.

Its been a long time hasn’t it?  Let’s play a little catch up…

Friday School Safety was parked outside my house when I went to put J on the bus.  He got on with no problems but they said that if he had violent outbursts again then they could refuse to transport him.  His teacher got on the phone that afternoon to try and work things out.  She found out that they came to my house with out following protocol and that no they can not refuse transportation, they have to find an alternative.  He had a pretty good day at school.  We went to a friend’s house to have dinner and play.  We stayed late and the boys did very well.  Little J was a little bit of an instigator with a boy younger than him, but other than that we all had fun.


Saturday I took the kids to the Earth Day Festival and Parade.  Since it was an Earth Day themed parade and every one was either on foot, wagon, or bike the kids were not impressed.  We went around to the different booths and left with some fun free stuff including 3 “pots” with seeds to grow.  So now we are starting a garden.


Sunday was pretty much as usual.  J had a few scuffles with his least favorite 4 year old girl.  I went to a passover Seder/service. 


Monday was HORRIBLE.  He got on the bus just fine and then lost it when he was at school.  His report chart had all negative items on it and he even punched his favorite teacher.  That night hubby and I went on a date.  We had Miss M, the boys’ favorite babysitter come over to stay with them.  I left her with the new Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix.  She loves to cook and bake so I knew it was in capable hands.  When we got home, J had eaten 2 pieces and Little J was working on his one piece.  He got to playing and when it was bed time he realized he was still hungry so he decided to squirrel it away in his fists and take it to bed…..hello crumbs in the morning!  He asked for another piece for lunch on Tuesday.  I froze the rest.

Tuesday was a good day.  J got on the buss with no problems.  What was an accident on Friday, we have turned into a pattern.  He is now playing in the house until the bus is on the street.  Then I rush him to put on his bag and send him out the door just as the bus is opening the doors.  I stay on the front porch and he takes a small toy in his hands.  By rushing him out the door instead of playing outside for 5-15 minutes he doesn’t have time to think about the separation.  He is focused on not being late.  and by having a toy in his hands, the Aid engages him in a conversation about his toy and gets him to come up the steps to talk about it.

Tuesday night we went to the county fair for discount rides night.  The boys had a blast.  Their favorite ride was the kiddie roller coaster.  We played for almost 2 hours. 


Tonight I knew that a mom of a child in my Bible class was having cupcakes for her b-day.  I also knew that the mom was inviting the brother’s class, which is where J is.  So I used the Bob’s Red Mill recipe for gluten free brownie cake using the brownie mix to make cupcakes.  I only took one for class and the mom of the b-day girl put some whipped topping on it with sprinkle so it was like the rest.  He loved it.  I bagged up the rest to freeze.  I plan on bringing them out for other party type events when I don’t want them to be left out of dessert. 


 On the way home they both decided that they wanted Corn Dogs, known in our house as “hot dog on a stick.”  I really don’t know why they decided on this.  they haven’t had them in over a month.  Funny thing is, I’ve been contemplating making them for 2 weeks now.  I bought Bob’s Red Mill GF Cornbread Mix anticipating this recipe.  Then I researched recipes on-line to see how the rest of the world makes corn dogs at home.  Then I called my mom to ask her advice.  Then I just sat on the ingredients.  A while ago I saw an episode of Rachel Ray’s talk show where she was making summer favorites.  One of her recipes was corn dogs.  I watched her thinking, “That is just TOO much work!”  So I thought about that and fretted that my corn dogs would look lumpy like hers and the kids would reject them because they didn’t look store bought.  I accidentally saw an episode of “Unwrapped” on the Food Network that featured fried foods.  One of the items was corn dogs of course, how was I ever going to live up to that???  Tonight I knew I was going to have to bite the bullet.  And there was no way I was baking them like Rachel Ray because they were hungry NOW.  So I modified the directions on the back of the mix by leaving out 1/4 cup of milk and added 2 Tbsp of honey.  I don’t have a fryer so I heated up vegetable oil in a large deep skillet.  I stuck Popsicle sticks in the hot dogs after patting them dry on paper towels.  (I probably gave my kids lead poisoning b/c the only sticks I had were the colored ones!)  Then I tried numerous ways of getting the better on the dog.  One of the tricks I read on-line, put the batter in a tall skinny vessel and dip the dog, was a total flop.  Sticking it in the batter bowl and then spooning the batter on worked the best.  then I fried them up.  The first couple were really dark b/c the oil got too hot, but the rest cae out nice.  The boys devoured them.  Little J even asked for seconds!  So of course I bagged the rest and stuck them in the freezer.  Tomorrow I am going to get another package of dogs because I still had batter left over.

I think I am going to have to commit to 2 days a week of wheat-free bulk cooking and freezing.  Tommorrow I will probably make a 3rd attempt at chicken nuggets and a 1st try at pancakes.  I’ll top off the night with macaroni and cheese.


Disclaimer:  I have not been paid by Bob’s Red Mill nor did they even ask me to write reviews.  I just use the name brands so that you know exactly what we are doing to make our wheat free diet work.  Different brands are not all created equal.

3 comments on “Rachel Ray, I am not.

  1. Ummm…yes what the school did there is wrong. Glad your teacher is looking out for you.

    I am impressed with how you keep trying new gluten free foods. I just don’t have that motivation. You rock!

  2. You go girl keep on baking!! Those corn dogs look yummy. I’m glad the bus rides have been better. You can definitely tell it’s Mondays he’s having trouble with. Too much of a change maybe from the weekend?? Hang in there you are doing everything you possibly can. 🙂

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