What else is a blog for

if not to embarrass your children?

I’m not having a good month, despite all the good things happening so I thought I’d cheer us all up with a picture post.


Little J is learning the fne art of getting dressed from his brother.  Remeber this?

Who needs shorts when a shirt will cover you just fine?


And tighty whities are not just for “under wear” now. 



They make a lovely head covering as well as a base for costmume time…


End of embarassement.  I’m off to fight the ant wars before bed.  They think they own my kitchen!


Now return you to your regularly scheduled programing

Sorry to leave you hanging for so long.  This past week was moving week.  And also dying on my death bed of sinus trouble while treating one J’s ear infection and praying that Little J wasn’t on the verge of one too.  It’s allergy season around here and we had some record windiness that aggravated the situation.  I narrowly escaped a sinus infection.  I felt the beginning fever in my cheek and checked it with ibprofen/sudefed combo and lots of early bedtimes. 

 Then Thursday and Friday we gave the final push with the aid of a uhaul and friends and got the remaining stuff out of the old house and into the new house.  Only problem was, I couldn’t be at the old house to oversee the packing and the darling men folk wanted the furniture in the truck ASAP so they left a tornado swept house behind them.  Then when packing they had no regard for like items and just packed boxes by rooms.  I have a new garage FULL of boxes that need to be sorted and then unpacked.  I am hoping that the burial of my new air hockey table will force me to work at record unpacking speed to get the job done.  Also while unpacking, I plan on only bringing back into the house those items that we truly need or that are dearly loved, thus cutting down on the clutter.  Hopefully the items not brought into the house will generate money in the form of craigslist.org.  The rest will be donated.

Of course, after facing all those boxes Friday afternoon, I ran away as fast as I could for a mini vacation at the parents’ house.  As I’ve mentioned before, my parents live a little over an hour away.  We had a b-day party for my cousin’s daughter who turned 3 on Saturday afternoon.  Other than that we’ve just been relaxing and enjoying the company of family.  My sister, brother in law, and 7 month old niece live here too.  So we came up for the holiay weekend and will be going back later today to face the disaster.  My camera is somewhere in the mess, so when I find it, I can post the pictures I promised over a week ago.


The boys have been doing okay with the move.  when they are tired or stressed they are still asking to go “home” meaning the old house.  We said goodbye to the old house and J took it in stride, but Little J isn’t convinced that we really are moving.  I thought if I got their room set up first with all of their favorite things that they would realize I was serious, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.  The only thing J was upset about was that the internet wasn’t working so he couldn’t play on the computer.  Little J got scared Friday morning when he couldn’t remember which room to find me and hubby in when he woke up.  They love all the space to run and play at the new house, inside and out, though. 

I’ve got another post in the works for today so stay tuned…although I may wait, it would be better with pictures.

Pictures pending

I got plenty to tell and show you.  But J has an ear infection and I am on my way to one.  Going to bed early.  Hopefully I will be back to write soon.  But if not its cause we are moving into the new house this week.


Our wonderful OT told us today that he and his family will be moving out of state and that J will only have about 3 more sessions with him.  We won’t have a lapse in service as the hospital has already hired someone to take on his case load and we will meet them before he leaves.


But we haven’t been going very long and J has already come so far with Mr. Steve.  He’s formed a bond and genuinely looks forward to his session every week.  I look forward to our sessions every week.  Normally it is J’s best hour out of the whole week.  He has a fun time and learns stuff without even knowing it.  He doesn’t have to compete for attention.  He has 2 adults all to himself.  Mr. Steve gets J but doesn’t let him slide by or get away with things.  I’m sure the other person will be equally wonderful.  All of the therapists at this place come to the waiting room to pick up their kids so I have been witness to the quality of people they hire.  BUT to be honest, I have a bit of social anxiety myself.  It has been really hard on me to get the services J needs because I am just as nervous about new people and situations as he is.  I’ve obviously learned over the years to buck up and do it anyway, but it isn’t with out a fair amount of trepidation.  All of my closest friends will label me as outgoing, but it is only because they met me in situations in which I was controlling the circumstances. 


Alright, I’m done spilling secrets for the night.  Wanna hear about my “comfort food” late dinner after the kids went to bed?  Hubby is away for work this week.  J had a headache off and on today.  Some moments he was weeping with pain.  He was fine pain wise for OT, but his energy level was way down.  The kids ate fruit and yogurt for dinner.  J went to bed of his own asking at 8:30 and Little J was tucked in by 9:30.  I was starving and needed something easy.  My dinner?  Buffalo wings with chunky blue cheese, a soda, 1/3 package of double stuff oreos, and milk.  YUM!  Not what I usually eat, but good enough for tonight.

Ode to RSS

Okay I don’t know how to write an Ode.  But here is my lament over the fact that my laptop has taken a trip with hubby until Friday.  I use the RSS feed reader that is in the IE toolbar, so it is only available to me on that computer.  My RSS is incomplete on the desktop.  So if I miss you this week, I will catch up on the weekend.


This is probably a good thing.  Since we got the key to the new house, I told hubby that I would try and move some of the smaller stuff over there in van loads this week.  Lack of computer might be a good motivator.


I need some opinions.  Play Therapy.  Any one have experience with this?  I was looking stuff up and one of the descriptions said that it is good for anger management.  J is not by nature an angry kid.  But he does have a hard time expressing frustration and anger appropriately.  There is one social worker on my insurance that does this type of therapy.  He is listed in an online database with all his credentials.  I was thinking about asking for a referral to see him.  I know it would get approved since he is listed under social work and we are allowed a certain number of “mental health” visits a week.  Anyway, I just wanted to know if you guys have done this.  Is it a one time deal or do they see the kids on a continuing basis like OT?  Any advice would be helpful.


My 5 Things

This one has been floating around, and I’ve enjoyed reading all of yours.  Last week I was tagged by Emily at A Life Less Ordinary to do this.  As I left in her comments, I didn’t even know about her blog, much less that she read mine. So I am flattered.  (I just went and checked her comments and it isn’t there, so either it didn’t go through or she chose not to publish it.  But I have left comments for several of you lately and gotten all sorts of errors.  I forget to come back and try again. )

And now I will quit being busy/lazy to do this.

5 Things found in your bag

1. A diaper.  Little J is still not potty trained but I refuse to carry a diaper bag anymore, so I have a pretty pink purse and a diaper stuffed inside.

2. Assorted army men of the plastic non-posable variety.  These are for waiting rooms.

3. Small pink makeup bag containing hand sanitizer, carmex, lotion, and crayons.  Necessities, of course.

4. Box of Raisins and bag with gluten free snacks.  For when the munchies attack the kids

5. Stride Gum.  I love this stuff!


5 Favorite Things in your room.

(I’ll go with the living room since that is where I am)

1. Little J and J.

2. T.V., DVR, DVD player.  I LOVE TV and movies.

3. Laptop – DUH

4. Fish – so relaxing to watch

5. My rabbit named Ginger.  She is so soft its like petting air.  AND she is litterbox trained.


5 things you have always wanted to do

1. Get a degree in technical theater

2. Take a tour of Europe

3. See a play in England and on Broadway

4. Go on a Disney Cruise (not going to happen since hubby gets motion sick just looking at a boat)

5. Ride in a hot air balloon


5 things you are currently into

1. Sleep

2. Staying cool in the AZ heat

3. Trolling Craigslist and yard sales for bargains

4. Other people’s blogs

5. Finding balance for my fish tank


I’m not tagging peeps.  Every who I read that I know reads this, has already done this or been tagged to do it.  I live in a small blog circle right now.  So if you read and I don’t know it (cause you’ve never commented before) and you want to do it, leave me a comment so I can tag you.  I know, I know, not very good incentive to leave me a comment.  Do it anyway!


Oh wait….

Tracy over at The Fairy Castle hasn’t done this.  So consider yourself Tagged!

Cooking up a storm

Yesterday I got up early so that I could get the door when Baby A arrived.  I waited for 30 minutes and she never showed, so I called her mom.  Baby A was sick and staying home.  Well geez, what am I suppose to do now?


Well you would cook too wouldn’t you?  I finally got brave enough to cook up the Bob’s Red Mill GF Pancake mix that I have had in my cupboard and taken to my parents’ house and back for a couple of months now.  I am terrible at making pancake mixes.  The only pancakes that ever turn out is the recipe I got from my mom.  (If you aren’t GF/CF and want an awesome and easy recipe, let me know).  I always start by following the directions explicitly and then modify as necessary.  Well the test pancake was way too thick andjust sat like a blob in the pan so I added more milk.  The secondpancake was better, but it tasted bland.  In an effort not to add more sugar, I added a teaspoon of vanilla.  PERFECTION!  Well as perfect as a GF pancake can be 😉  I doubled the recipe so I could have plenty for the freezer.  They were a hit definitely and a dearly missed treat.


So while the pan was preheating and the mix was resting I took out Bob’s Red Mill GF Cinnamon Raisin Bread and dumped the necessary ingredients into the bread machine and pressed start.  4 hours later the boys were enjoying some fabulous toast.  It was the 1st thing J asked for this morning.  Raisin toast with butter was a favorite breakfast around here before the wheat free diet.  I sliced the loaf and stored all but a few slices in the freezer.  Sorry no pictures, but trust me, it looked great and the raisins that I never even saw in the mix appeared magically and plump.


Then because I really didn’t have much to do, I took out the 2nd half of the pizza dough I made on Friday.  What I didn’t tell you I made GF pizzas on Friday and GF Corn dogs on Sunday?  The Bob’s Red Mill Pizza crust has directions for dividing the dough in half and making two 12″ pizzas.  The babysitter made it for the kids a few weeks ago and she only made one pizza from the dough…it was fine but a little dense.  So I divided and pressed it thin into a pampered chef bar pan.  Directions say to use wet fingers, this is definitely key, andyou must keep them wet.  So the second set of dough was a challenge to remove from the plastic that I was instructed to wrap it in but I was able to pull it off by sprinkling it with rice flour to make it a little stiffer.  Pizza was great except for a few crispy cheese spots, which J refuses to eat because he thinks it is some kind of mystery topping.  It wouldn’t have gotten crispy except I got an important phone call at the same time I was suppose to take it out of the oven.  The kids ate it after J got home from school.  then I wrapped the rest in foil.  Can you guess where it went?  You are getting so good at this…  I really should try Once a Month Cooking for more than just the kids’ GF foods.


The Pizza Crust and Raisin Bread mixes from Bob’s Red Mill were sent with the samples I received last month.  They were easy to make, take very few ingredients, and the kid’s love them.  I guess when my pantry and freezer run out I will be buying these products.  I’ll be taking the easy way out for a while.  I am just not confident in buying all the separate flours needed to make stuff, yet.

I know several of you are curious (and possibly a little jealous) about our future school district.  I only know what I’ve heard 2nd hand, so I’ll keep you updated when we know more from personal experiences.  I can tell you this though:  This school district was one of the main reasons we decided to move off base after only being here a year.

Just a little stress

We’ve been to multiple houses over the past week.  We’ve had our hopes up about 3.  2 didn’t work out.  One of those was a nightmare but it is finally over.


We are moving into a house that is not only in our desired school district but also our #1 choice for elementary school attendance.  This districtworks hard at full inclusion, which at a glance is terrifying to me, but most kids with IEPs have para-pros and it is only 1/2 day kindergarten vs. full day of our current district.  So far every parent of a special needs child in that district has given rave reviews.  Oh and a bonus for us…It is a year round calendar so he gets out on the 20th of May and will go back the middle of July.  He’ll have several 2-3 week breaks through out the school year to make up for the loss of summer.  This will be good because an entire summer of no school just may set us back to a time before there was school.  That was a really dark place and I don’t care to revisit it.

Past the district issues, the new house has a relaxing backyard with established landscaping and beautiful fragrant flowers.  A gardener I am not, but I am very appreciative of a low care yet beautiful yard.  And when I am done relaxing in my yard, I can soak in my oval soaking tub w/ jets.  I might even let ya’ll come visit me 😉  The house is by no means as large as the other 2 we were looking at but it is in a more convenient location and has a good feel to it.


Time to dig out First Experiences and review Moving House.  Yes review, J has been through 3 moves since we got the book.  One of those, like this one, was across town, so everything but the house stayed the same.  Keeping as much normalcy as possible is very important.  We always get the living room, kitchen and the boys’ bedroom unpacked on Day 1 so that they can go to sleep peacefully.  We’ve also learned to say goodbye to the old house and every room in the old house.  When we moved across town a couple years ago (different state) we didn’t know how important it was until we were trying to go to sleep the 1st night and he kept asking to go back.  the next day we went back and let him say goodbye and it was over and he was fine with moving on.  Right now I just keep reminding him and Little J about the backyard.  It was very distinctive and they loved it, a rock path is their dream come true.  🙂


So if I am scarce this month, I tore myself from the computer to pack.

Trial by fire

Last summer we had a lot of regression due to mving and swimming lessons.  We didn’t have a diagnosis, medication, or school in our lives yet.  This were horrible.

Well we are in for some more changes.  Yesterday I started watching a friend of mine’s baby who is 7 months old.  The crying annoys both boys but for the most part they are doing well.  Little J is smitten with her…or maybe its just the fun toys her mom sends with her.

We had been discussing moving for the sake of more room and better schools.  Then all of a sudden it became a reality.  We found our dream home for a dream renters price.  It is about 25 miles from Tucson but the town it is in has plenty of amenities too.  The schools are small but have passed and exceeded state standards.  The boys were pretty excited wen running around it empty.  We will actual move into it in about 2-3 weeks.  We’ll see how they feel about it then.  We are waiting until school is out to move completely.

Also in the works is the possibility of a live-in babysitter/nanny in the form of a college student looking for a place to live.  We have emailed several times and will be meeting her in a couple weeks when she comes to town.  That would possible happen mid summer….but still completely undecided due to outside factors.


So I may be asking for a summer of meltdowns with all the changes in store.  I sure hope that the new understandings, medication, and schooling from the past year will help us navigate this time a little easier.


Edited to add:  Right after I published this, we talked to the landlord about something we caught in the lease.  We had only told him about our dog last night because most people only care about dogs and cats.  any way it said “No other pets allowed besides those listed in the lease.”  So we asked about our rabbit and he said “no.”  I was really torn so we went out to look at other houses closer to the base, yet in a better school district.  We may have found one.  It is smaller, but it has tons of space and closets and a super nice yard.  It also zoned for one of the best schools for special needs kids in the area.  So maybe the rabbit has caused some heartache while bringing blessings.  I’ll never know.  Hopefully we have some firm plans by the end of the week.  I can’t take all the stress.

How to wear your clothes…as told by J

Every day before school we go through our routine.  I tell J to go to the bathroom and take off his pull-up, put it in the trash and then put on his clothes.  Depending on the day, I either let him pick out his clothes from the dresser or I get them for him.  then I put all 3 pieces in the bathroom and he often comes out dressed.  Some days he is more distracted than others.

Here is what happened today when I yelled asked politely “Are you dressed yet?”

And 5 minutes later……


And after we played a game of “Does it belong on my knees?  How about my feet? My toes”  Me: “How about OVER your toes?”

“I’m all dressed up mommy!”

ummmmm not so much honey.

What could I do?  I just laughed and took pictures.  Even under the clothes he is saying “Cheese and Pickles” while waiting for the flash.  He did finally get completely dressed with shoes and everything.