How to wear your clothes…as told by J

Every day before school we go through our routine.  I tell J to go to the bathroom and take off his pull-up, put it in the trash and then put on his clothes.  Depending on the day, I either let him pick out his clothes from the dresser or I get them for him.  then I put all 3 pieces in the bathroom and he often comes out dressed.  Some days he is more distracted than others.

Here is what happened today when I yelled asked politely “Are you dressed yet?”

And 5 minutes later……


And after we played a game of “Does it belong on my knees?  How about my feet? My toes”  Me: “How about OVER your toes?”

“I’m all dressed up mommy!”

ummmmm not so much honey.

What could I do?  I just laughed and took pictures.  Even under the clothes he is saying “Cheese and Pickles” while waiting for the flash.  He did finally get completely dressed with shoes and everything.


3 comments on “How to wear your clothes…as told by J

  1. Love it! As frustrating as these times can be they are great memories in the making. 🙂 Kudos to you for seeing it with a sense of humor.

  2. What a wonderful opportunity to connect with him and share some joy together- exactly what kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders need. Bravo to both of you for creating this!

  3. These are priceless! And now I have some good ideas of how to make it more fun when Nik **doesn’t** quite get it the first time (or three or four…). 🙂

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