Trial by fire

Last summer we had a lot of regression due to mving and swimming lessons.  We didn’t have a diagnosis, medication, or school in our lives yet.  This were horrible.

Well we are in for some more changes.  Yesterday I started watching a friend of mine’s baby who is 7 months old.  The crying annoys both boys but for the most part they are doing well.  Little J is smitten with her…or maybe its just the fun toys her mom sends with her.

We had been discussing moving for the sake of more room and better schools.  Then all of a sudden it became a reality.  We found our dream home for a dream renters price.  It is about 25 miles from Tucson but the town it is in has plenty of amenities too.  The schools are small but have passed and exceeded state standards.  The boys were pretty excited wen running around it empty.  We will actual move into it in about 2-3 weeks.  We’ll see how they feel about it then.  We are waiting until school is out to move completely.

Also in the works is the possibility of a live-in babysitter/nanny in the form of a college student looking for a place to live.  We have emailed several times and will be meeting her in a couple weeks when she comes to town.  That would possible happen mid summer….but still completely undecided due to outside factors.


So I may be asking for a summer of meltdowns with all the changes in store.  I sure hope that the new understandings, medication, and schooling from the past year will help us navigate this time a little easier.


Edited to add:  Right after I published this, we talked to the landlord about something we caught in the lease.  We had only told him about our dog last night because most people only care about dogs and cats.  any way it said “No other pets allowed besides those listed in the lease.”  So we asked about our rabbit and he said “no.”  I was really torn so we went out to look at other houses closer to the base, yet in a better school district.  We may have found one.  It is smaller, but it has tons of space and closets and a super nice yard.  It also zoned for one of the best schools for special needs kids in the area.  So maybe the rabbit has caused some heartache while bringing blessings.  I’ll never know.  Hopefully we have some firm plans by the end of the week.  I can’t take all the stress.


4 comments on “Trial by fire

  1. Wonderful on finding the dream home and a nanny in the future! Enjoy the changes. They can be a challenge but I am sure it will be worth it.

  2. oh Kara… I hope the rabbit is pointing you in a good direction – even if it is more stress right now.

    (been missing you!)

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