Just a little stress

We’ve been to multiple houses over the past week.  We’ve had our hopes up about 3.  2 didn’t work out.  One of those was a nightmare but it is finally over.


We are moving into a house that is not only in our desired school district but also our #1 choice for elementary school attendance.  This districtworks hard at full inclusion, which at a glance is terrifying to me, but most kids with IEPs have para-pros and it is only 1/2 day kindergarten vs. full day of our current district.  So far every parent of a special needs child in that district has given rave reviews.  Oh and a bonus for us…It is a year round calendar so he gets out on the 20th of May and will go back the middle of July.  He’ll have several 2-3 week breaks through out the school year to make up for the loss of summer.  This will be good because an entire summer of no school just may set us back to a time before there was school.  That was a really dark place and I don’t care to revisit it.

Past the district issues, the new house has a relaxing backyard with established landscaping and beautiful fragrant flowers.  A gardener I am not, but I am very appreciative of a low care yet beautiful yard.  And when I am done relaxing in my yard, I can soak in my oval soaking tub w/ jets.  I might even let ya’ll come visit me 😉  The house is by no means as large as the other 2 we were looking at but it is in a more convenient location and has a good feel to it.


Time to dig out First Experiences and review Moving House.  Yes review, J has been through 3 moves since we got the book.  One of those, like this one, was across town, so everything but the house stayed the same.  Keeping as much normalcy as possible is very important.  We always get the living room, kitchen and the boys’ bedroom unpacked on Day 1 so that they can go to sleep peacefully.  We’ve also learned to say goodbye to the old house and every room in the old house.  When we moved across town a couple years ago (different state) we didn’t know how important it was until we were trying to go to sleep the 1st night and he kept asking to go back.  the next day we went back and let him say goodbye and it was over and he was fine with moving on.  Right now I just keep reminding him and Little J about the backyard.  It was very distinctive and they loved it, a rock path is their dream come true.  🙂


So if I am scarce this month, I tore myself from the computer to pack.

3 comments on “Just a little stress

  1. Congrats on the new house! It actually sounds quite lovely and homey. And I’m more than a little intrigued to hear about your new school and new district. Here’s hoping the transition is a smooth one for all of you!

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