My 5 Things

This one has been floating around, and I’ve enjoyed reading all of yours.  Last week I was tagged by Emily at A Life Less Ordinary to do this.  As I left in her comments, I didn’t even know about her blog, much less that she read mine. So I am flattered.  (I just went and checked her comments and it isn’t there, so either it didn’t go through or she chose not to publish it.  But I have left comments for several of you lately and gotten all sorts of errors.  I forget to come back and try again. )

And now I will quit being busy/lazy to do this.

5 Things found in your bag

1. A diaper.  Little J is still not potty trained but I refuse to carry a diaper bag anymore, so I have a pretty pink purse and a diaper stuffed inside.

2. Assorted army men of the plastic non-posable variety.  These are for waiting rooms.

3. Small pink makeup bag containing hand sanitizer, carmex, lotion, and crayons.  Necessities, of course.

4. Box of Raisins and bag with gluten free snacks.  For when the munchies attack the kids

5. Stride Gum.  I love this stuff!


5 Favorite Things in your room.

(I’ll go with the living room since that is where I am)

1. Little J and J.

2. T.V., DVR, DVD player.  I LOVE TV and movies.

3. Laptop – DUH

4. Fish – so relaxing to watch

5. My rabbit named Ginger.  She is so soft its like petting air.  AND she is litterbox trained.


5 things you have always wanted to do

1. Get a degree in technical theater

2. Take a tour of Europe

3. See a play in England and on Broadway

4. Go on a Disney Cruise (not going to happen since hubby gets motion sick just looking at a boat)

5. Ride in a hot air balloon


5 things you are currently into

1. Sleep

2. Staying cool in the AZ heat

3. Trolling Craigslist and yard sales for bargains

4. Other people’s blogs

5. Finding balance for my fish tank


I’m not tagging peeps.  Every who I read that I know reads this, has already done this or been tagged to do it.  I live in a small blog circle right now.  So if you read and I don’t know it (cause you’ve never commented before) and you want to do it, leave me a comment so I can tag you.  I know, I know, not very good incentive to leave me a comment.  Do it anyway!


Oh wait….

Tracy over at The Fairy Castle hasn’t done this.  So consider yourself Tagged!

5 comments on “My 5 Things

  1. Nice. And thanks for sharing. We tried many variations on a aquarium, but the fish always died so we gave up. (I’ve done this one, so you can’t tag me…)

  2. I found your blog totally by accident while searching for something else on Google. I read quite a bit of it (I have an austistic nephew who is also GF and Casin Free). I’ve got lots of recipes for GF foods as I also have a friend with Celiac’s Disease. If you’d like some of them, feel free to e-mail me.

    (Oh, and I linked to you in my blog . I hope you don’t mind.)

  3. ahhhh…. you hit me! LOL OK, will get on this right after I finish the questions on my blog already…. or maybe sooner….. who knows….. ever heard of something called melatonin for sleep issues? It has been suggested to me that we try giving Braeden this as a way to help with his insomnia, night terrors and other sleep issues. When I was reading up on it it said something about how people with ASD have lower than normal melatonin levels and may benefit from taking a supplement as well. Just a thought if you had not heard of this one….

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