Ode to RSS

Okay I don’t know how to write an Ode.  But here is my lament over the fact that my laptop has taken a trip with hubby until Friday.  I use the RSS feed reader that is in the IE toolbar, so it is only available to me on that computer.  My RSS is incomplete on the desktop.  So if I miss you this week, I will catch up on the weekend.


This is probably a good thing.  Since we got the key to the new house, I told hubby that I would try and move some of the smaller stuff over there in van loads this week.  Lack of computer might be a good motivator.


I need some opinions.  Play Therapy.  Any one have experience with this?  I was looking stuff up and one of the descriptions said that it is good for anger management.  J is not by nature an angry kid.  But he does have a hard time expressing frustration and anger appropriately.  There is one social worker on my insurance that does this type of therapy.  He is listed in an online database with all his credentials.  I was thinking about asking for a referral to see him.  I know it would get approved since he is listed under social work and we are allowed a certain number of “mental health” visits a week.  Anyway, I just wanted to know if you guys have done this.  Is it a one time deal or do they see the kids on a continuing basis like OT?  Any advice would be helpful.


4 comments on “Ode to RSS

  1. M was in play therapy from about age three to five and then again from seven to eight and we had good experiences with it. It is important to have someone who understands your child’s issues and diagnosis and does not start the ‘blame the parent’ stuff. We had that experience too but then went elsewhere.

    M asks to go back to it on occassion. She liked it as well. It did help some with aggression. But, in our case what helped the most was medication for aggression. Without that medication play therapy was useless for her anyway.

  2. It seems like this could also fall under “pragmatics” (how you say what you say, how you interpret/give off body language, etc) which would fall under speech/language.

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  4. We are currently doing play therapy with Sanura once a week. She’s 7 years old. She was having lots of tantrum/social issues at school. The play therapist is thinking she has social anxiety disorder. I thought it was helping her until last week when we had two terrible school days in a row. I think it will help eventually, we just need to give it more time. I recommend it. I’ve though about it for Adrian too.

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