Our wonderful OT told us today that he and his family will be moving out of state and that J will only have about 3 more sessions with him.  We won’t have a lapse in service as the hospital has already hired someone to take on his case load and we will meet them before he leaves.


But we haven’t been going very long and J has already come so far with Mr. Steve.  He’s formed a bond and genuinely looks forward to his session every week.  I look forward to our sessions every week.  Normally it is J’s best hour out of the whole week.  He has a fun time and learns stuff without even knowing it.  He doesn’t have to compete for attention.  He has 2 adults all to himself.  Mr. Steve gets J but doesn’t let him slide by or get away with things.  I’m sure the other person will be equally wonderful.  All of the therapists at this place come to the waiting room to pick up their kids so I have been witness to the quality of people they hire.  BUT to be honest, I have a bit of social anxiety myself.  It has been really hard on me to get the services J needs because I am just as nervous about new people and situations as he is.  I’ve obviously learned over the years to buck up and do it anyway, but it isn’t with out a fair amount of trepidation.  All of my closest friends will label me as outgoing, but it is only because they met me in situations in which I was controlling the circumstances. 


Alright, I’m done spilling secrets for the night.  Wanna hear about my “comfort food” late dinner after the kids went to bed?  Hubby is away for work this week.  J had a headache off and on today.  Some moments he was weeping with pain.  He was fine pain wise for OT, but his energy level was way down.  The kids ate fruit and yogurt for dinner.  J went to bed of his own asking at 8:30 and Little J was tucked in by 9:30.  I was starving and needed something easy.  My dinner?  Buffalo wings with chunky blue cheese, a soda, 1/3 package of double stuff oreos, and milk.  YUM!  Not what I usually eat, but good enough for tonight.

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