Now return you to your regularly scheduled programing

Sorry to leave you hanging for so long.  This past week was moving week.  And also dying on my death bed of sinus trouble while treating one J’s ear infection and praying that Little J wasn’t on the verge of one too.  It’s allergy season around here and we had some record windiness that aggravated the situation.  I narrowly escaped a sinus infection.  I felt the beginning fever in my cheek and checked it with ibprofen/sudefed combo and lots of early bedtimes. 

 Then Thursday and Friday we gave the final push with the aid of a uhaul and friends and got the remaining stuff out of the old house and into the new house.  Only problem was, I couldn’t be at the old house to oversee the packing and the darling men folk wanted the furniture in the truck ASAP so they left a tornado swept house behind them.  Then when packing they had no regard for like items and just packed boxes by rooms.  I have a new garage FULL of boxes that need to be sorted and then unpacked.  I am hoping that the burial of my new air hockey table will force me to work at record unpacking speed to get the job done.  Also while unpacking, I plan on only bringing back into the house those items that we truly need or that are dearly loved, thus cutting down on the clutter.  Hopefully the items not brought into the house will generate money in the form of  The rest will be donated.

Of course, after facing all those boxes Friday afternoon, I ran away as fast as I could for a mini vacation at the parents’ house.  As I’ve mentioned before, my parents live a little over an hour away.  We had a b-day party for my cousin’s daughter who turned 3 on Saturday afternoon.  Other than that we’ve just been relaxing and enjoying the company of family.  My sister, brother in law, and 7 month old niece live here too.  So we came up for the holiay weekend and will be going back later today to face the disaster.  My camera is somewhere in the mess, so when I find it, I can post the pictures I promised over a week ago.


The boys have been doing okay with the move.  when they are tired or stressed they are still asking to go “home” meaning the old house.  We said goodbye to the old house and J took it in stride, but Little J isn’t convinced that we really are moving.  I thought if I got their room set up first with all of their favorite things that they would realize I was serious, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.  The only thing J was upset about was that the internet wasn’t working so he couldn’t play on the computer.  Little J got scared Friday morning when he couldn’t remember which room to find me and hubby in when he woke up.  They love all the space to run and play at the new house, inside and out, though. 

I’ve got another post in the works for today so stay tuned…although I may wait, it would be better with pictures.

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