Long time no see

Hey peeps.  Its been a while.  And along with not writing, I also haven’t been reading.


Friday, Hubby and I left the boys with my parents for their first official sleep over.  (There was one other time but it began at like 10pm andended at 7am)  We left them around 2pm andI got back around 4pm on Saturday.  We took a little mini R&R at a local resort to celebrate our 9thanniversary.  Then I dropped hubby off at the airport so that he could spendthe next week with he family in San Antonio.  His baby sister is graduating from highschool this week.  The boys andI are spending the week with my family and just chilling.  My sister and her hubby andbaby are still living with my parents, so its been a full house.  But in a good way.  They should be moving into their apartment this week though.


We had a big week last week.  In terms of break through for J, we made some big leaps.  We went to the children’s museum with friends and J andthe 7 year old had a few moments of sustained, focused reciprocal play.  Also B WANTED to play with J andwas EXCITED to play with him.  We see B a few times a week in bible class andhome group settings.  BUT usually there is one or 2 other boys around that B is closer to in age andinterests so J just does his own thing.  Little J played with the younger girls of the family and we stayed at the museum over 2 hours.  This is about double the time that we normally stay.

Also, at the new rental house, we have in ground sprinklers that the boys have asked to be turned on nearly every day.  I bought a wading pool, filled it, and added a slide and we’ve turned the yard into a mini waterpark.  J who hates water in his face has spent 30 minutes at a time sliding into the pool with water splashing over him.  AND ENJOYING IT!  He wasn’t freaking out, he just wiped his face and did it again.  Yesterday we went to a friend’s house in my parents’ neighborhood to enjoy their in groundpool.  J spent the first 1/2 hour hanging out by the steps.  However, by the time we left he was swimming the length of the pool with out assistance from an adult (wearing a floatation body suit).  This is also huge, as he normally won’t go into water where he can’t touch the bottom. 


Things are going well.  We only have one more month until school starts.  His Occupational Therapists made the final transition on Wednesday.  He is doing well with the new one for the first half hour but starts to flake for the 2nd one.  I am going to give it a few more weeks before deciding what the cause is (time of day, medication, new therapist?)  HE’s only been going 2 months and has made great strides.  Last week his new therapist invited a new patient working with another therapist to join J for cooperative play on the swing.  He was a pro at the swinging and was able to give the girl tips to help her since she was at square one, where he used to be.  It was adorable and heart warming and amazing to see him be supportive of her while waiting his turn to do his favorite activity. 


So many people have commented lately about the changes they have seen in him.  I must store up these words and the things I write in my blogs to bolster me up on the days when it seems like nothing has changed.

2 comments on “Long time no see

  1. So glad to hear things are going well! We have taken backwards strides in behavior here with Braeden. sigh… I am scheduling an appointment with hsi doctor to discuss sleep aids etc…. I hope you keep seeing improvements with J!

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