The search has ended

For the perfect homemade gluten free chicken nuggets!  I know some of you have been following the saga…and some of you are thinking “why is this important news?”  Well it is a big deal in our family.  Little J has not been impressed with my previous attempts at nuggets and in an effort to add something else to the lunch rotation besides salami and hot dogs, I have tried all sorts of combinations.  I found the right texture the last time, but not the right taste.


The other day I was thinking that maybe I should try the corn based fish fry stuff in the pantry.  Then while browsing at the grocery story I came upon Zatarain’s Crispy Fish Fry.  It looked to have the perfect seasonings and I am famliar with the brand so I know it is generally flavorful for Little J with out being too spicy for J.  I also liked that the instructions did not call for a coating of egg first so I could skip the messy step.  I started with a few tenders to make sure the boys would eat them before wasting a whole bag of tenders.  They were begging for more.  I just cut up chicken tenders into 3-4 pieces shook them in a bag of the mix and dumped them in the fryer.


Every batch came out perfectly.  I didn’t have any burnt ones in the beginning or the end.  I also didn’t have any uncooked chicken centers with perfect outside.  I wanted to gobble them up for myself!!!


So the boys each had a plateful that night with honey.  They have also tried them with ranch.  I have never seen plates to clean at the end of a meal!


So for your viewing pleasure:








Don’t mind the clutter. 😉



P.S.  We started our journey to a wheat free diet to encourage healthier bowels in Little J so that he would potty train.  Then he gave up altogether.  After a week at my parents’ house we are now about 95% accident free.  HORRAY!!!  We have bought our last package of diapers.

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