I don’t recommend this as a bedtime for moms of children who get up at 7am.


Lots of things happened to cause this bedtime, the least of which that I just wasn’t sleepy.  was puttering on the computer until around 2:30am.  Then when I was about to go to bed to red a few pages, Little J came in crying and wanting to sleep with me.  Since hubby is on day shift and up at 5:30am this is a no no. I got him to potty and back in his bed along with a rice cake cause he was soooooo hungry (so he said).  Then I went to read my “few pages.”  Well turns out it was the climax and wrap up of an FBI thriller/romance book and I just couldn’t find a good stopping point.  Plus, most nights, I just read until I can’t keep my eyes open and that never happened.


So now, just plain exhausted.  I should have used my puttering time to write a blog, but I didn’t.

Tuesday we had 2 boys, who are foster kids of a friend at church, over to the house while their “mom” worked.  They were here from 8:15am – 12:30pm.  Things went REALLY well.  Usually and hour to hour and a half is all J can handle with friends and then a meltdown ensues.  We played a lot of different things including water play outside.  The boys had a blast and there were very few “hurt feelings.”  Most of those were between J and Little J.  So every one had fun and then they went home and we went to a b-day party.  When we got home we all crashed for naps.  When J woke up he was snuggling me and here is the conversation we had.

J:  I had fun today.

M:  Yeah?  What was fun today?

J:  Playing with my friends.

M:  Oh?  you liked having T and C over?

J:  Yeah.  Tonight when we pray, can you say a prayer for fun with my friends?

M:  Of course I can, but you can too.  You don’t have to say all the same words for your prayers.  You can change it just like mommy does.

J: uh huh.


When it was time for bed he said his normal words “Dear God, thank you for my friends and family.  Help God make all the things he makes.  In Jesus name, Amen.”  and then added, “I mean and thank you for the fun with my friends T and C today.”


He has been saying the first part verbatim for about a year.  His prayers used to be longer where he thanked God for family members by name and for other things around the house.  He came up with the part about helping God all by himself.  And I’ve tried to talk to him about the fact the we are talking to God so the sentence doesn’t make sense, but it does to him.  They both say prayers at night and then I follow up with one that usually includes “Thank you for all the fun we had today doing _________.  Help us get a good night sleep and be good tomorrow.”

This is the first time in a long time that he has asked for something different and specific in his prayer.  Its nice to get out of a rut.  Of course last night’s prayer was the same ole same ole but nothing exciting happened either.

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