“I’m being a Statue”

This is what J told me 5 minutes ago.  I put him to bed 2 hours ago and he came out at the hour point to find some forgotten “toy” (a dowel rod/stick that is many items in his imagination).  Then I just saw his door open and I went to investigate.  He was sitting against the living room wall closest to his room.  It looked like he was asleep.  I got down on the floor to look more closely and with a deadpan voice he says, “I’m being a statue.”  I had to giggle.  Then the dog came over to investigate and he started to squirm away.  I told him if he was a statue then the dog gets to kiss him.  Otherwise he has to get up and go to bed.  He went to bed, go figure. 🙂


I pushed publish and he called out for me.  When I went to check on him he gave me this gem, “Mommy I saw lightening in my eyes.”  Yes honey thats what happens when you close your eyes at night.  “But there must be a storm outside”  no you are just seeing light in your eyes, go to sleep.  “okay, I love you”


Now as I’m typing this he comes out and says, “I’m suppose to wear pajamas.”  He usually picks them out during the bedtime routine but a couple times this past week he has gone to bed in a t-shirt so I didn’t think anything of it.  Luckily I had the rejected pair from last night sitting next to me and he put them on and is back in his room. 


One more “awakening” (I’m not sure he has been asleep yet) and I am going to have to up his dosage of melatonin.  Its obviously not working.  He didn’t nap too long today.  We got out for almost an hour’s exercise in the backyard.  He ate well.  He’s just not sleeping!  Not that I am trying to get to bed, cause I’m not, I just need him to sleep so that we can make it through tomorrow behavior wise.  We have an outing planned at naptime.  We may have to cancel if there is a case of the crankies.


2 comments on ““I’m being a Statue”

  1. Too cute. I love the awesome things our kids say. Sometimes it is as if M is teaching me how to see life differently.

    M takes Melatonin too. She is on 6mg at bedtime.

  2. Sounds soooooo much like my middlest. My doctor won’t even discuss melatonin with me. And I am scared to give my little guy anything without knowing more about dosage, etc. He wants me to talk to the behavior / developmental people in Jackson about it. sigh….

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